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Accent Lighting: Amp Up Visual Drama In Your Home

Lighting can amp up visual drama like nothing else. To help you master accent lighting, we’ve put together a few important things for you to consider. Using them, you should be able to identify existing areas of visual interest, and whether to use accent lighting on them.

Over-sized lighting has become gradually more popular with each passing year. Make a STATEMENT - our blog here #blog

Make a BIG Statement: Floor Lamps To Impress The Neighbours

Let me set the scene. You have recently moved into a new home or flat. You’ve carefully selected a couch that perfectly fits the room, pored over paint samples until discovering the just-right hue, searched for what seemed like years for the right height bookshelf. The room is perfectly complete—but something is missing. Two words: Floor Lamp.

Introducing: Spotlight on Design

Over the coming months, we’re going behind the scenes here at Iconic Lights HQ. We’ll be shining a spotlight on the products, people and trends you need to be aware of in 2017.

It’s STILL January: Master The Arts of Guilt Free Treats

It’s STILL January. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the ‘new-year, new me’ health crazes, but it shouldn’t be all about depriving yourself and setting unrealistic resolutions that we end up breaking far too soon. Really, we should be taking care of our mind and bodies with the same care and attention all year long, but if it does take this first month for us to find our feet, no harm done!

Winter's reigned in the garden for too long, it'ss time to take it back! Read our blog on reclaiming outdoor spaces

It’s COLD so lets be inspired by Scandinavian style this winter! 10% off the Scandi range when you buy two or more @

We are celebrating Pinterest's interior design trends and what’s hot for 2017! Inspire a new year of home designs @

Inject Some Newness With Pinterest’s Home Trends for 2017

With 2017 on the horizon, we’re all busy thinking about new plans and resolutions. And that’s no different for home interiors. It’s that time of year when Pinterest brings out its top 100 new trend predictions and we're excited to see some good ones on there! Looking for house decorating ideas to inspire you for 2017? We’ve pulled out our favourite of Pinterest’s predictions to show you how to achieve the looks in your home with our new collection.

Fill Your House With Festive Sparkle

It's getting closer and we're getting all carried away here at Iconic Lights. We just can't get enough of that magical Christmas sparkle; decorating your home at Christmas is nearly as exciting as Christmas morning itself! Whether you’re thinking of getting crafty this year with new Christmas decoration ideas or looking for some new festive lights with a bit of a difference, here’s some of our ideas to fill your home with the joy and magic of Christmas lights.

5 Ways To Instant Relaxation

With Black Friday madness behind us and the 1st day of advent starting tomorrow, it's more than a busy time of year. Christmas time is magical but it can also be fairly stressful too! To give you a time-out so you’re not guzzling Santa’s brandy and mince pies before it even gets to Christmas Eve, follow our 5 ways to instant relaxation.