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Its that time of year isn’t it? Light evenings that draw you outside to enjoy those last few precious hours of sunshine and enjoy the sunset.

It is a proven fact that people surf the Internet less and watch less TV in the summer months, generally because they are making the most of the gorgeous weather.

And, ooh, the long hot Sundays when you have nowhere particular to be. Perfect days for chilling in the garden with the family. Watching the kids splashing in and out of the pool. The promise of an alfresco dinner cooked on the BBQ. Those are the days that childhood memories are made of aren’t they?

Baileys Mudslide

They don’t have to be laden with alcohol either, they are great way to get much needed fluid into the boys on a hot day, rehydration in disguise as a Shirley temple on crushed ice always works a treat.

Today I want to share one of my favourite cocktail recipes with you, my version of a Baileys Mudslide. This is definitely one of those cocktails that creeps into the dessert category, not only it is delicious, it is so filling. And is great to offer guests as a dessert at a summer BBQ.

Baileys Mudslide

Blend together the crushed ice, Baileys, Vodka and espresso.

Then add the ice cream and give a couple of pulses to blend before pouring into large cocktail glasses and returning to the freezer. (Speed is important at this stage quickly to prevent the ice cream melting.)

Leave for 5 minutes, then grate the chocolates on the top and serve.

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Baileys Mudslide

Is it just me, or are Cocktails mainly a summer thing too? As soon as the sun is shining and I have nowhere to be, my minds starts to wander to delicious cocktail recipes. Generally made on ice, the type that are refreshing and cold but most definitely more of a dessert that a drink.

Cocktails are the things of summer dreams, sipping them around a pool on holiday, drinking on a summer’s day in the city with the girls, or just chilling in the garden on a hot day.

Baileys Mudslide

Something for the adults, whilst the kids are munching on chocolate ice cream cones with the regulation flake. Or is it just my kids that think an ice cream without a flake is not an ice cream?

To Make A Baileys Mudslide You will need...

(Makes 2 large cocktails)

4 fl oz of Baileys

4 fl oz of Vodka

2 shots of espresso (I used chocolate Nespresso)

4 large cups of crushed ice

6 large scoops of chocolate ice cream

2 dark chocolates

Baileys Mudslide