2020 trends : Bringing Nature In


The notion of ‘bringing nature in’ isn’t something new. All you have to do is look for living room inspiration on Pinterest to see people have been lusting over houseplants for all of 2019. Biophilic design takes the concept of houseplants to a whole new level. Clusters of fiddle leaf figs and rubber plants, climbing ivy and heartleaf trailing around the living room, and foliage walls all have us crushing on this trend. Anthony Ashworth says that “biophilic design is simply bringing a sense of the natural world into our built environment”. With this in mind, even botanical wallpaper is a nod to the tropical trend.

If you’re not a master green thumb here are some simple ways to incorporate biophilic design. Use natural materials for your furnishings and decoration around your home. This could be a woven footstool, wooden floor lamp or wicker plant pot - anything that takes inspiration from nature. Incorporating nature motifs on furnishings such as cushions and bedding is an easy way to incorporate this trend if you don’t have green fingers. If you struggle to keep a cactus alive - it’s okay, you’re not alone - then adding pictures or prints that represent nature to any room is the perfect way to bring nature into any room. Finally, using a natural colour scheme with earthy browns and leafy greens on the walls or even furniture is the simplest way to integrate the calm and serenity of this trend.

If you’re more of a dab hand with plants and you remember to water them then here are a few ideas of how you can nail biophilic design. We’re huge fans of huge potted plants. Clustering three house plants together such as a a weeping fig, dumb cane and Guiana Chestnut would show a true love of bringing nature in. Take the biophilic trend to the next level and embrace bringing nature in then installing a foliage wall is the perfect way to do it. A moss wall not only makes a massive statement but would bring your home up to date with this trend. We’ve been lusting after one like this Wabi Moss masterpiece for the longest time.

If you’re looking to up your House Plant maintenance game then you’ve come to the right place. Getting to know your houseplants and learning what they like is vital to keeping them happy. This sort of information can usually be found on the cards that come with them. Our top tip is to keep them safe so that you can always look at what you’re supposed to be doing. Here are 5 simple ways to take care of your house plants and make sure they are your number one priority. 

  1. Make sure they’re not too cold - or too warm. Placing house plants next to a radiator is a bad idea so are drafty windows and doorways. 
  2. Direct sunlight can be a death sentence for houseplants - the card your houseplant came with will tell you how much light (and water) they need. 
  3. Choose the right container -  too small and your plant will begin to grow out and not get the nutrients it needs from the soil. Too big and the roots won’t reach the water. Some plants like to be swaddled in soil and some do best when it’s not so roomy. Research your exact plant to know what it likes best. 
  4. Water correctly - houseplants hate sitting in water. If the water has been sitting in the tray for a day or so, your plant doesn’t need that water. Pour it away and wait until it needs water again. The way to know when to do this is to stick your finger about 2 inches into the soil, if it’s damp, your houseplant doesn’t need water. 
  5. Adding your houseplants to your dusting routine. Dust that settles on your green children can attract insects and stop your houseplant from getting the sunlight it needs to thrive. Simply clean the leaves by wiping them with a clean, moist towel or give them a little shower - this is also the most perfect instagram photo op. 

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