2020 Trends: Eclectic Glamour


If you’re a fan of 1920’s elegance, you have a thing for the sexy styles of the 70’s, but you also yearn for a bold, confident and contemporary looking home décor, then this 2020 trend might be just what you’re looking for. The Eclectic Glamour trend is an oh-so grown-up trend and is easily adapted for homes that have a strong retro look. Give your decor a re-vamp and your stylish Art Deco or Mid-Century Modern pieces will look right at home. Add some polishing touches with metallic lamps and fixtures and the look is complete. 

Being Bold


Eclectic Glamour brings together bold colours, curvaceous comfort and fluid shapes, gives them a smattering of sass, a sprinkle of sparkles and some retro refinement. This is a look for grown-ups who aren’t afraid to make a statement, to push for plush and who appreciate a bit of bling.   

When it Comes to Colour


As with most trends, Eclectic Glamour relies heavily on a specific colour palette. Royal blue is a signature colour for this trend, but bronze, ochre and rose are all also in the mix. We continue to see a lot of black-blue, particularly on feature walls and metallic tones used to contrast and embellish the look.


Layer your room set with as much grown-up bling as you feel you can. Brass, bronze and copper are brushed or tarnished whilst gold is as gleaming as you can get it. Add these metallic finished to accessories, like light fittings, sockets, curtain rails and taps in the bathroom and kitchen. Lashings of these small touches will give you the retro glamour finish that this trend evokes. Even wallpapers get a metallic finish, with large, bold prints being the direction to take.  We're swooning over these accounts for decoration inspo:  @home.style.interior, @pevensey_house_ and @thehousepotnoodlesbuilt. 

Touch and Texture

For furnishing, velvet reigns supreme throughout the eclectic glamour trend, however, there are a few other things to note when it comes to touch and texture. Coffee tables with marvelous marble tops, cocktail trollies finished in burnished brass, sumptuous animal skin print rugs and pampas grass for decoration - these all fall within the eclectic glamour trend spectrum.

Where to use the Trend?


Basically, the Eclectic Glamour trend will work in any room that you feel would benefit from a flamboyant make-over and whilst the living room may be the obvious choice, bedrooms, a study or dining rooms work equally well.

How to Start Your Eclectic Glamour Journey?


If you’re planning to go down the Eclectic Glamour route in your living room – where do you start? Well, a top tip is to start by selecting a statement piece, a plush sofa for example. Next, choose two contrasting chairs and then plan around those feature items, bringing the look together with cushions and lighting and warm metallic accents.  

What to Avoid?

One of the main things to avoid is over-egging the pudding. Make sure the space is not overcrowded or cluttered, don’t forget this isn’t eclectic or a stylish take on maximalism, it’s Eclectic Glamour. 



This trend is all about a wealth of metallic finishes and our gold, copper, bronze and brass lights are such an easy way of bringing a touch of glamour to your home.  This trend is an update from Mid-Century Modern, of which we have lots of pieces. Go to our Satellite range for orbs for all occasions from ceiling pendants to table lamps. Lighting is the go-to for making a statement and that is exactly what we love so much about the Eclectic Glamour trend. It is the trend where our glorious design-led pieces can really shine. Take our Eddie satin brass floor lamp with a marble base, which looks so glam against a deep blue-black wall. There's nothing better suited to this trend than our Iconic Originals Art Deco Gable table lamp, which we can just imagine on a Mid-Century sideboard. Look up the glorious  Gable floor lamp in the same range, also available in gold. And we think that our popular Farrah square lamp in marble would be just the finishing touch on a glamourous drinks trolly. . . chin chin.