2020 Trends: Marble


Marble has been used for centuries for awe-inspiring statues from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome as well as grand buildings like the Taj Mahal. So, it was to be expected that Marble would find its way into our homes, with every marble piece being unique, and the qualities varying depending on several variables such as the location, impurities and general environment. The most sought-after type of Marble today is Calcatta (also known as Calcutta) Marble and is considered the most luxurious marble type due its rarity. Calacatta marble comes from quarries found in the Apuan Mountains in Carrara, Italy. Calacatta is bright white with distinctive dark and thick veining patterns. Although Calacatta is deemed the superior marble, its rarity makes it quite expensive. However, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there that are just as beautiful. The most common marble type and the one that is used most in today’s interiors is Carrara Marble, which often gets mistaken and compared to Calacatta, due to their similarities in appearance. Carrara marble has greyish white background with fine feathery grey veining with a generally linear and soft pattern. Carrara is also mined in quarries in Carrara Italy. Marble is a timeless classic and can be used to make small rooms feel more open and add some light to any dark confined spaces as well as making for some stunning home décor items to add that classic touch to your home, we’re going to show you how to style Marble with 3 of the top interior trends in 2020.

Eclectic Glamour

So for the creative free spirits amongst us we’re going to take a look at Eclectric Glamour first of all. Eclectric Glamour is a bold take on the Glamour trend with a flamboyant sassy twist. This mix and match style allows for a real go with the flow design, sophisticated elegance with shapely furniture with rounded curves and fluid shapes. Eclectric Glamour is all about making a statement with mis-matched furnishings and whimsical décor, so think painted statement walls and unique décor such as cocktail bars or bar carts. However, be sure not to overcomplicate things and avoid making spaces look overcrowded or cluttered. Marble is perfect for adding that classy touch to this look, a marble base floor or table lamp would contrast perfectly with the bold colours. For a more in depth look at how to get your eclectic glamour interior take a look at our 2020 TRENDS: Eclectic Glamour blog

Refined Glamour

Of course with marble being such a luxurious option for interiors it fits in perfectly with our next upcoming trend, refined glamour. Refined Glamour is a charming and elegant style, usually the focus is on one main piece such as the sofa for the lounge or the bed for the bedroom. With soft chalky pastel colours being the focus of the colour theme for this trend a soft velvet couch or bedspread would be perfect. Once the main furnishings are in it’s time for the best part, choosing your accessories and décor. To achieve that glamourous look, think Pendant lights, mirrored side tables, glass side tables and textured vases. Evidently the more glamourous of materials, marble, is a must have in this trend, gorgeous white marble coffee tables, side tables or any marble décor is a perfect match.  

Luxe Revival

So we all know that Gin has made a comeback as a fashionable drink in recent years. This popularity has also meant the increase in barware and cocktail carts making a comeback into interiors. This throwback to 1930’s luxe oozes class and sophistication, with a minimalist look paired with materials of spectacular opulence such as brass, fur, velvet and of course marble.  For your furniture think decorative Art Deco rounded shapes for that exclusive ‘members-only club feel right in your very own home. The colour palette here is glamorous as can be think Graphite, dusty rose, ochre and brass tones. The drinks trolley is a heavy feature in this trend and any cocktails making tools are welcome to add that extra touch.

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