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Ceiling Light Shades

Every home needs ceiling light shades, regardless of the room size or style. Our spectrum of shades gives you the opportunity to expand your creativity and think outside the box. From our playful Unicorn shade to our steampunk inspired Borgue , we guarantee there is a ceiling light shade for you and your home.

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  1. Ukai Fishermans Pendant Shade
    Ukai Fishermans Pendant Shade
    £13.00 Regular Price £23.00
  2. Hudson Pendant Shade in Chrome and Clear
    Hudson Pendant Shade
    £25.00 Regular Price £33.00
  3. Angus Basket Pendant Shade
    Angus Basket Pendant Shade
  4. Florence Twisted Pendant Shade
    Florence Twisted Pendant Shade
    £10.00 Regular Price £18.00
  5. Dohan 3D Glass Pendant Shade
    Dohan 3D Glass Pendant Shade
    £35.00 Regular Price £35.00

5 products

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