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Choosing a ceiling light can be the toughest decision. But don't worry, we have large statement pieces as well as smaller subtle lighting products that compliment any style of home. Our more cost effective ceiling lights pack as much of a designer punch as our more expensive ones, but we have all styles suited for you including contemporary, retro, rattan, and vintage and LED ceiling pendants.

Pendant Lights in rattanPendant Lights in rattan
Ceiling shade in Rattan styleCeiling shade in Rattan style
Flush ceiling light in black and goldFlush ceiling light in black and gold

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  1. Penglai Cement Fishermans Pendant Shade
    Penglai Fishermans Pendant Shade
    £23.00 Regular Price £28.00
  2. Uriel Feather Pendant Shade in Pink
    Uriel Feather Pendant Shade
  3. Diablo Black Pendant Shade
    Diablo Pendant Shade
    £7.00 Regular Price £15.00
  4. Metropolis Pendant Shade with Opal Glass
  5. Civic Metal Pendant Shade
    Civic Metal Pendant Shade
    £11.99 Regular Price £22.00
  6. Reni XL Pendant Shade in White
    Reni Extra Large Pendant Shade
    £17.99 Regular Price £36.00
  7. Bjorn White Doughnut Twine Pendant Shade
  8. Benton IP44 3-Way Ceiling Spotlight in Chrome
  9. Mini Arco Copper Pendant Shade
    Mini Arco Pendant Shade
    £11.99 Regular Price £28.00
  10. Danish Pendant Shade
    Danish Pendant Shade
  11. Benton 3-Way Ceiling Spotlight in Cement and Chrome
  12. Reni Small Pendant Shade in Dark Grey
    Reni Small Pendant Shade
    £11.99 Regular Price £22.00
  13. Eyre 3 Way Pendant in Chrome with Diablo Shades in Black
    Eyre 3 Way Pendant in Chrome with Diablo Shades
    £36.00 Regular Price £74.00
  14. Retro Eyeball 6-Way Flexible Spotlight Bar in Chrome
    Retro Eyeball 6 Way Flexible Spotlight Bar
    £17.00 Regular Price £55.00
  15. Curva Pendant Shade in White
    Curva Pendant Shade
    £10.00 Regular Price £30.00
  16. Casco Chrome Pendant with Yellow Arco Shade
    Casco Chrome Pendant with an Arco Shade
    £34.99 Regular Price £38.00
  17. Aztec Pyramid Grey and White Pendant Shade
    Aztec Pyramid Pendant Shade
  18. Petale Pendant Shade in Grey
    Petale Pendant Shade
  19. Rosie 4-Way Spotlight Bar in Black Chrome
    Rosie 4 Way Spotlight Bar
    £29.99 Regular Price £36.00
  20. Rosie 3-Way Spotlight Bar in Chrome
    Rosie 3 Way Spotlight Bar
    £10.00 Regular Price £25.00
  21. Consul 6-Way Rectangular Plate Spotlight Fitting in Chrome
  22. MiniSun Fire Rated Downlight in Gold
    MiniSun Fire Rated Downlight
    £3.99 Regular Price £5.00
  23. Colby Pendant Shade in Grey with Copper Inner
    Colby Pendant Shade
    £13.00 Regular Price £18.00
  24. MiniSun Domed Bezel IP65 Fire Rated Bathroom Downlight in Chrome
  25. Huckleberry Black 3 Way Over Table Light with Silver Shades
    Huckleberry Black 3 Way Over Table Light with Shades
    £61.99 Regular Price £101.00
  26. Dexter Retro Pendant Shade
    Dexter Retro Pendant Shade
    £9.00 Regular Price £18.00
  27. Papillion Tiffany Pendant Shade in White and Cream
  28. Jaap Twine Tapered Pendant Shade in White

62 products

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