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Choosing a modern ceiling light for your home can be the toughest decision. But don't worry, we have large statement pieces as well as smaller subtle lighting products that compliment any style of home. Our more cost effective pieces pack as much of a punch as our more expensive ones, but we have all styles suited for you and your home.


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  1. Reni Large Pendant Shade
    Reni Large Pendant Shade
    £11.99 Regular Price £24.00
  2. Reni Extra Large Pendant Shade
    Reni Extra Large Pendant Shade
    £15.99 Regular Price £36.00
  3. Mini Arco Green Pendant Shade
    Mini Arco Pendant Shade
    £11.99 Regular Price £28.00
  4. Reni Small Pendant Shade
    Reni Small Pendant Shade
    £11.99 Regular Price £22.00
  5. Curva Pendant Shade in White with Green Interior
    Curva Pendant Shade with White Interior
    £20.00 Regular Price £30.00
  6. Casco Chrome Pendant with Green Arco Shade
    Casco Chrome Pendant with an Arco Shade
    £34.99 Regular Price £38.00

6 products

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