An eclectic choice of designer blue ceiling lights in a range of french blue tassel, steel curva, ultra slim pendants in blue, small Reni shades in navy and dark blue, and more. Designed to suit décor styles across vintage, contemporary, post-modern, retro, mid-century, industrial and others.

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  1. Reni XL Pendant Shade Navy Blue
  2. Reni Large Pendant Shade French Blue
  3. Reni Large Pendant Shade in Navy Blue
  4. Casco Chrome Pendant with Pale Blue Arco Shade
  5. Casco Chrome Pendant with Navy Blue Arco Shade
  6. Reni Small Pendant Shade Navy Blue
  7. Reni Small Pendant Shade French Blue
  8. Curva Pendant Shade Navy Blue
    Curva Pendant Shade in Blue
  9. Aztec Pyramid Blue Pendant Shade
  10. Civic French Blue Metal Pendant Shade
  11. Civic Metro Style Cornflower Blue Shade
  12. Mini Arco Navy Blue Pendant Shade
  13. Mini Arco Pale Blue Pendant Shade

14 products

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