Pink is a fantastic choice to brighten a home, often associated with charm, romance, and tenderness. Choose from designer Aztec blush pink tapered shade, pink feather shades, modern pink metal shades, retro globe shades, and dusty pink fabric pendants.

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  1. Tiffany Butterfly Pendant Shade Beige
  2. 3-Tier Acrylic Pendant Shade Clear
  3. Aztec Felt Herringbone Pyramid Pendant Shade
  4. Reni XL Pendant Shade Blush Pink
  5. Reni Large Pendant Shade Mink
  6. Reni XL Pendant Shade Mink
    Reni XL Pendant Shade in Mink
    Special Price £23.00 Regular Price £38.00
  7. Uriel Feather Pendant Shade Pink with Acrylic Droplets
    Uriel Feather Pendant Shade in Pink with Acrylic Droplets
    Special Price £22.00 Regular Price £63.00
  8. Nabella 2 Tier Tassel Pendant Shade in Pink
  9. 5 Way Chandelier in Porcelain White
  10. Cortez Tiffany Shade Red
    Cortez Tiffany Shade in Red
  11. Cortez Tiffany Shade Cream
  12. Bjorn Medium Cream  Twine Pendant Shade
  13. Reni Large Pendant Shade Blush Pink
  14. Uriel Pink Feather Pendant Shade
  15. Huckleberry Over Table Black Ceiling Light Cream
    Huckleberry Black 3 Way Over Table Light with Cream Shades
    Special Price £28.00 Regular Price £70.00
  16. Vivian Tassel Shade Blush Pink
  17. Reni Small Pendant Shade Fawn and Gold
  18. Weaver Pendant Shade Grey and Pink
  19. Civic Metro Style Cream Shade
  20. Civic Dusty Pink Metal Pendant Shade
  21. Hampshire 5 Tier Dusty Pink And Grey Pendant Shade
    Hampshire 5 Tier Dusty Pink And Grey Pendant Shade
    Special Price £9.00 Regular Price £14.00
  22. Reni Small Pendant Shade Blush Pink
    Reni Small Pendant Shade in Dusty Pink
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £21.00
  23. Reni Small Pendant Shade Mink

29 products

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