All Grey Everything


Cool, calming, classic and contemporary, grey tones have so much to offer and that’s why grey has become so popular as both a feature and a foundation interior design colour. From Elephant Breath walls to charcoal couches, here we put monochrome under the microscope as we explain why grey is here to stay.

Grey Areas

Both period properties and contemporary abodes can look amazing decorated in grey and if this is a look you’re contemplating then there’s no better place to start than with walls. One of the reasons grey works so well on walls is because it pairs so well with white – grey walls accentuate white skirting’s, picture rails, doors and door frames beautifully.  Throw into the mix some black and/or white picture frames and you’re off to a greyt start. Lighter shades of grey will help the space feel airy, whilst darker tones denote drama and make for fabulous feature walls.

L-Shaped Sofas

Grey L-shaped sofas have become somewhat de rigueur in the world of interiors. They come in a wide range of shades and mirror the rules of minimalism with their clean design lines, upholstery and low slung comfort. Not only that, but the L-shaped sofa is also very space efficient and so make rooms look larger. When it comes to cushions consider matching grey covers or take the opportunity to add a little warmth by choosing mustard yellow, orange or even red.  

Concrete Chic

Polished concrete floors, whilst a little too “brutalist” for many, can provide the inspiration for carpet colours, laminates or floor tiles. Wooden floors also work well with grey interiors, but benefit greatly from large grey rugs to bring the all in grey look together and to add some texture to the space.

Lighting for Grey Interiors

Because grey interiors, on the whole, rely so heavily on the rules of minimalism, lighting needs to be effective, efficient and intelligent. Lamps and light fittings in silver bring some contemporary class to a room, but black and white lights work equally as well, adding breadth to your monochrome spectrum. Glass shades and bare bulbs are also trends worth investigating, particularly for those who are fans of the industrial interior look.  

Large Wall Art

A large photograph, print or painting hung or even rested against a grey wall will look very grand and will break things up a little, even if the images are in black and white. Should you go for something with colour, try matching some of your soft furnishings, cushions for example, with the piece – this will bring some harmony to the room.

All grey interiors are an exercise in restrain, where carefully considered tones and use of light are key. Where stylish feature pieces take the fore and nik naks and bric-a-brac are consigned to the recycling centre. And where modern living spaces have been repackaged and polished to reflect the modern lives many of us now lead.