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Table lamps comes in all shapes and sizes. You have a diverse choice of options. From pairs of touch table lamps, to ones with geometric shades, to tripods to industrial ranges, we guarantee there's a right table lamp for you and your home.


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  1. Taite Cement Base Table Lamp in Grey
  2. Uriel Feather Table Lamp
    Uriel Feather Table Lamp
    £10.00 Regular Price £20.00
  3. Adley Desk Lamp
    Adley Desk Lamp
    £6.00 Regular Price £10.00
  4. Bailey Gold Table Lamp with Large Aspen Shade
  5. Mella Mushroom Table Lamp in Copper and Grey
  6. Monda Cool Grey Adjustable Table Lamp
    Monda Adjustable Table Lamp
    £17.99 Regular Price £20.00
  7. Finley Table Lamp with White Aspen Shade
  8. Carson XL Table Lamp with Large Reni Shade
  9. Davenport K9 Crystal Table Lamp with White Aspen Shade
  10. Bishop Chrome Table Lamp with Black Aspen Shade
  11. Gosforth Copper Table Lamp with Grey Aspen Shade
  12. Cabonna Chrome Touch Table with White Aspen Shade
  13. Pinto Chrome Touch Table Lamp with Grey Shade

51 products

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