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Trending Table Lamps

Todays trends are constantly changing but our modern table lamps provide options for everyone. Our gorgeous Angus lamp is bang on trend with its copper base, and even our Forton range! These contemporary and modern table lamps will bring out the creativity in you and create the perfect look for your home.

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  1. Diablo Copper Table Lamp With Braided Flex
    Diablo Table Lamp with Braided Flex
    £6.00 Regular Price £10.00
  2. Iconic Fiske Table Lamp in Copper and Black
    Iconic Fiske Table Lamp
  3. Tokay 2 Tone Table Lamp in Copper Glass
    Tokay 2 Tone Table Lamp
    £15.00 Regular Price £35.00
  4. Iconic Dorian Dome Table Lamp in Copper
    Iconic Dorian Dome Table Lamp
    £15.00 Regular Price £35.00
  5. Iconic Telstar 8-Way Table Lamp in Copper
    Iconic Telstar 8 Way Table Lamp
    £30.00 Regular Price £73.00
  6. Alysha Skandi Table Lamp in Brushed Chrome
    Alysha Table Lamp
    £15.00 Regular Price £20.00
  7. Marawa Copper Table Lamp with Grey Shade
    Marawa Copper Table Lamp
    £20.00 Regular Price £25.00

7 products

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