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We are for the designer savvy consumer looking for stylish lighting for their home.


We scour the globe to source the most on-trend lighting designs at unbeatable prices, so our customers can transform their homes without breaking the bank.

From classic and contemporary styles to lighting essentials and statement pieces, we offer a huge range of inspirational designs.


Iconic Lights isn’t just a brand, it’s a concept and a way of life.

What will we do?

We will pay you a commission on all validated sales driven from your site pr social meida platform (excluding shipping fees and VAT). Our default commission rate is 8%.

We use third party tracking to give us full visibility on which sales came from your website or social media platform. So, you can rest assured that the correct commission will be paid directly to you within 45 days.

As if that wasn’t enough already, we also offer other exciting incentives such as free products, VIP blogger events and commission increases for our best affiliates. 

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