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10 Ways To Use Festoons Lighting At Christmas


11 Jul 2019

Winter is on its way and yes, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Making card lists, picking up presents, planning festive food and of course, Christmas decorations. So, we thought we’d kick off the season in style by looking at 10 ways to use festoon lights.


1. Draping Festoon Lights from a Tree

Festoon lights are a little bit like fairy lights, but they’re bigger and they can be used outdoors. So, what better place to start than by exploring how to drape them from a tree? Just as with an indoor Christmas tree, decorating an outdoor tree with lights makes it look magical and so no matter how you choose to drape the lights, you’ll end up with a spectacular seasonal sensation.


2. Pretty Pagoda

If you have a pagoda, you have another great option for where to put your festoon lights. You can hang the lights, wrap them around the beams or use wire clips to tack them onto the timber frame, making a fantastic festive feature.


3. A Festive Façade

Decorating the outside of your home with festoon lights can be a little tricky, but the results are well worth the effort. Put lights around your front door and create a wonderfully warm welcome for guests. Alternatively, get out your ladder and run the lights along the eaves of the house.


4. Lead them up the Garden Path

Use garden canes or border plants along each side of a garden path and string the festoon from one to the next. Not only does this look great, but it also makes it easier for people to navigate the path on those cold, dark winter nights.


5. Walls and Fences

Mark out the perimeter of your garden by running festoon lights along the top of your garden walls or fences. This brings Christmas cheer to the whole of the space, plus, if you use frosted bulbs it helps highlight that wonderful winter atmosphere.


6. Festoon Your Fireplace

Head indoors and there are plenty of other ways you can use festoon lights. Draping them around a fireplace is a classic way of making your home feel more Christmassy. And what could be nicer than adding some Christmas stockings into the mix – all ready for a visit from Santa.


7. Dust Down the Picture Rails

If you have picture rails in your home, you also have another option for hanging festoon lights. Create a feature wall and hang Christmas cards in between the bulbs – using a little tape or Blu Tack to hold the cards in place.


8. Up the Apples and Pears

Threading festoon lights through the spindles on your stairway looks really effective and as with all of our ideas you can add tinsel or baubles to complete the look. And this of course leads us to upstairs and for more festoon fun.


9. In the Bedroom

Festoon lighting in the bedroom gives a wonderfully warm glow to the space and is just the thing to ramp up the excitement of Christmas Eve. Drift off to sleep counting reindeer and listening out for the sound of sleigh bells. 


10. Festoon Christmas Clusters   

Finally, using festoon lighting at Christmas is all about having fun and being creative and so here’s our final tip. Instead of stringing, pinning or draping festoon lights, why not try arranging them in clusters and hanging them? 

By Louise

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