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25 Decorative Fairy Lights Ideas

 What’s more Christmasy than fairy lights?! We’ve racked our brains (and Pinterest) and compiled a list of the 25 best and most creative ways to display your fair lights. Shop our fairy lights here .

1. Intertwine festoon lights with foliage. Shop festoon lights 


2. CHRISTMAS STYLING TIP Tacked to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree

3. Display string lights in mason jars

4. Frame windows

5. Winding round your bed frame

6. Hanging lines of fairy lights and clipping polaroids to them

7. Spell out words or names

8. Wrap some battery operated fairy lights around plant pots. Shop our sunflower fairy lights here

9. Wrap them around floor lamp bases

10. Put fairy lights in a used alcohol bottles like Hendricks and Jack Daniels 

11. Drape string lights over a bed canopy

12. Hang them from an outdoor umbrella



  • 13. Arrange in a lantern with a Mkouo Air Plant  
  • 14. Make a den and use fairy lights to light the inside
  • 15. Displayed in a bell jar or cloche. Shop our Nixon Cloche Table Lamp here
    • 17. Make a fairy light canopy
      • 16. Feed through the holes in a watering can and hang in the garden
    • 18. Hang a hoop from the ceiling and wrap around the hoop
  • 19. Hang a curtain of fairy lights behind curtains
  • 20. Wrap around the curtain pole
  • 21. Wrap around your banister and up the balustrade
  • 22. CHRISTMAS STYLING TIP Wind between place settings as a table decoration
  • 23. Display under the sofa to create a cosy glow
  • 24. Hang a curtain in an archway
  • 25. CHRISTMAS STYLING TIP Use curtain fairy lights to make a walkway to the Christmas tree ready for Christmas morning