5 Steps to Instant Relaxation

1. Breathe

It sounds strange but we all forget to breathe. Especially at times of stress. Relaxation breathing can have a profound effect on our wellbeing.

Deep breathing for just 3 minutes brings more oxygen into our body and cleanses the blood leaving us feel calmer and more in control.

Try breathing exercises for some stress relief. Meditation apps, like Headspace, can also help.


2. Get some hygge

The Danish concept of hygge is key to the Danes often being recognised as the happiest people in the world.

Hygge has no literal translation but can be described as a feeling of cosiness and warmth. The kind of feeling we get from spending time with family and friends or when we sink into a hot bath.

To get some hygge, light plenty of candles and ensure you fill your home with mood lighting to boost that feeling of cosiness.

Visit our Scandinavian Collection to get some inspiriation to make your home extra hygge.


3. Go for a wander

With temperatures still feeling like sub 0, it’s easy to stay indoors with the thermostat firmly turned up. But with fewer hours of daylight, it’s important to get outside whilst we can.

Breathing in fresh air can instantly make us feel more relaxed and improve our mental state. So pile on your knitwear and get those familiar cobwebs swiftly blown away.


4. Create a haven

A sanctuary to relax in is so important. Especially in these cold winter months.Having a space that you enjoy being in and look forward to coming home to is one less thing to worry about. It could be filled with your favourite scented candles, an abundance of fluffy pillows or a myriad of photos of your favourite people; whatever makes it your signature space, enjoy it.  


5. Lounge around

And of course, what use is a haven if you don't make the time to enjoy it. Schedule in some much needed down time and you won’t feel so guilty about it. Give yourself a couple of hours and just get cosy on the sofa - read a book, watch a film or even have a nap. You’ll feel much better for it.