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50 (Lamp) Shades of Grey

1. Accent colour

In colour psychology, grey is considered neutral and impartial so translated into grey home decor, it’s a colour that gives the perfect backdrop to make accent colours sing. Grey can be dark, making cold and uninviting interiors.

But paired with soft whites to add lightness, or a comforting mustard yellow, you’ll create an understated canvas that’s stylishly impactful. Blush pink goes well, as can blue, but be careful with tones of grey as this can be cold. Highlight accent colours in fabrics or furniture pieces, like floor lamps.

2. Use copper

Another home decor trend this year, copper. Like blush pink, copper’s warmth and softness will make any grey living room feel Pinterest-worthy and relaxing.

Pick up warmth in copper accessories and furniture, especially dining tables - the elegance and expensiveness is perfect for a dining area. For a lighter touch (literally), pull in copper through ceiling lights and table lamps. Geometric shapes keep it cool without feeling too feminine.

3. Introduce lots of light sources

To contrast darker greys, add white fabrics to break up the colour of shadows. If you’re lucky enough to have lots of natural light, you can easily add brightness. But that doesn’t mean a grey bedroom has to suffer without that perfect picture window.

Large ceiling pendant lighting provides light and focus and smaller table lamps give a cosy feeling when the sun goes down. Use white light shades to add extra brightness.

4. Use dual tones

Playing with different shades along the same palette cleverly adds lightness when you want to use a darker grey. Dual tones also act as a secondary ‘colour’ if you want to keep it all grey. Mirroring this dual palette in your accessories keeps a consistent look without being too heavy on block colours.

5. Texture is a winner

To keep your grey bedroom or grey living room ideas from feeling flat and dull, bring texture into accessories and furniture pieces. To emphasise cosiness, mix knits in cushions and throws or mix textures of bed linen. 

6. Pair with wood

Use the warmth of natural woods to make grey decor feel cosy and comfortable. Neutral grey is a good background for the smooth wooden finish of wooden accessories, like coffee tables and tripod floor lamps.

This touch gives the feel of clean and open living whilst ticking that Scandinavian trend box too