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6 Things that add character to any home

  1. Books

Books are a great way to add personality and fun into your home. Whether is beautiful coffee table books, classic novels or a collection of best-selling autobiographies books add an element of character and appeal to your home.


Check out our top favourite books below;

 2. Blankets

This one might sound obvious, but blankets are the perfect way to add a touch of style to your home. With a coffee table book there’s a chance you could fall in love with one, put it on a shelf and never look past page one but a blanket – a blanket is something else. Both stylish and functional, you’re bound to snuggle up under your big fluffy blanket in front of Saturday tele.

Chunky Knit Blanket

Find our favorites below;;132113;8071&colorId=622&gclid=Cj0KCQiAus_QBRDgARIsAIRGNGgWAOsRVkYkb07QVe73I-0-kcXmFCXQYvvcI4a2PAHc-gRxv6VJ__8aAjwgEALw_wcB&keyWordCatentry=PLAIN%20FAUX%20FUR%20DOUBLE%20LAYER%20BLANKET

3. Statement pieces

Whether it’s a lamp, sofa, a bulky antique chest of drawers or giant piece of art, statement pieces add class and character. They say something about you and your home and can be a complete representation of you. Take one of our favourite bloggers – Megan Ellaby ( her flat tour blog post was truly impressive. The art work and quirky pieces she’s collated are the epitome of here. Take the framed sheet music of Baby bird – You’re Gorgeous or the Andy Warhol, Yellow Chanel Bottle Print for example. The pieces Megan’s chosen truly represent her.

Cambridge Iconic Original


A home would make a pretty sad and dingy place without some sort of lighting. An upgrade in your lighting choses can completely redesign a room. Making simple changes to your lighting can make a huge difference to a small space. Changing a tired shade for a fitting with an exposed bulb or lowering the cord can instantly upgrade a room. Lighting fixtures can add extra space to a room or bring décor together. As can be seen in the images, the simple adding of lights makes the room look on trend and stylish. The space looks as if it’s been curated and has purpose.

Floor lamps are perfect for accent lighting and adding light at an unconventional level. Large lamps like the Arkos featured in the images add a statement to any room. Your eye is immediately drawn to it and it stands out against the brick wall. This lamp has a similar effect in a white room are against a feature wall. It says, ‘I’m here and I’m style’.

Different types and levels of light add an intriguing touch to any space. Combine spotlights in shelves, with a floor lamp and a corner ceiling light to add definition and depth to a room. Or think functionally, many of us combine a ceiling light and bedside lights in our bedrooms. Similarly, different levels of light in one fitting add complexity to a simple space. Imagine one or two of our Eyeball 3 Way Pendant Ceiling Light with its shade at various levels over a dining table, it’s perfection.

The before and after images featured show minimalism at its best. The lighting and plant create a haven of relaxation. There aren’t many things and it’s not fussy. This allows the walls and the lighting to speak for themselves. They don’t get lost in the room and that’s what we love.

Clean lines and the absence of complication add a modern edge that is really on trend. The minimalist movement is growing vastly, and we want to grow with it.

Iconic Originals

5. Candles

Everyone loves candles -  fact. No matter your style, personality, likes or dislikes, there’s a scent for you. There’s something about candles that just make home feel amazing and nothing feels as good as unwrapping a fresh candle. Check out our favourite scents below;


 6. Plants

This is one trend that we have fallen completely in love with. There are so many reasons to love plants in your home. They’re pretty, they’re healthy, they clean the air, they reduce air-bourne dust levels and they just make you feel better.

Check out our plant inspiration below;

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 Iconic Originals

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