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8 top tips for being a great party host


06 Apr 2018


Set the tone

Nobody likes an anxious, tense host. Believe us, if you’re stressed, but trying to cover it up, your guests will be able to tell.

Also, be sure your playlist will last the duration of the night too. Although it’s sometimes unavoidable, it can be a little awkward if the music stops suddenly and you have to faff around selecting something else.

Mingle with guests

Yes, chances are, you do have food to attend to, drinks to refill and a million and one other jobs to complete, but your friends are here to see you. As we’ve said already, carrying out a little preparation beforehand means you will have much more time to speak to your guests and enjoy the party yourself. After all, you’re there to have fun too! Enlisting a buddy (or your significant other) to help out means that there will always be somebody available to take over in the kitchen, meaning the burden of jobs is shared throughout the party.

It’s also absolutely essential that you have enough ice, straws, glasses and cutlery for everyone in attendance. Do a quick count beforehand to make sure, and if you’re lacking, it’s time to stock up!

Accept help

If someone offers to make a dip, toss the salad or clear away some rogue plates, let them. It’s likely you would almost certainly help a friend if you were attending their party, so ensure you are equally as willing to let others assist you.

Similarly, if your guests offer to bring along some snacks, or a dessert, it’s OK to say yes. Don’t think that just because you are hosting, you can’t accept help.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Yes, your house probably is going to feel a little untidy the morning after a party, but watching a host obsessively clean throughout the party can make it difficult for your guests to relax. Adopt a clean-as-you-go mentality, and ensure your dishwasher is empty before the party starts, so everything can be placed inside quickly. It is perfectly acceptable to do a spot of tidying up while you’re mingling with guests, but save the deep clean until the day after.


The vibes you are creating are bound to have just as much impact on the party as the lighting and music, so be sure to create a chilled atmosphere from the get go.

One of the best ways to avoid getting off on the wrong foot is to prepare. Give yourself a few hours (or even a couple of days) to set up, whether that be decorations, food prep or anything else that will take the pressure off when the event comes around.

Always greet your guests

If your guests walk into the party when you’re deep in conversation, be sure to include them, and don’t leave them hanging. There is little worse than walking into a room full of strangers and feeling like a spare part. After all, it’s your job as the host to make all attendees feel welcome, comfortable and entertained, and the greeting is crucial. 

Get the music right

You might be a lover of indie music, old skool house or motown, but are your guests? Avoid awkward moments aplenty by ensuring your playlist includes a variety of tracks that everybody will also enjoy. Think simple classics that everyone can sing along to, or harmless choices that can be played in the background.


Provide all necessary tools

We’ve all been there, desperate to crack open a beer at a party, but there is no bottle opener in sight. Avoid frustration for your guests by ensuring you have several in rotation, along with corkscrews and anything else you can think of that means your guests don’t have to send out a search party.


Create a crowd-pleasing punch

It’s great to create something that little bit special for your party. Whether it be a dazzling centrepiece for the dining table, a variety of homemade snacks or a deliciously indulgent dessert, having something to create the wow factor will ensure your guests are happy.

We’d recommend creating a delicious cocktail, either in the form of a punch or a pre-poured beverage, such as Sangria, that your guests can sip on and enjoy. Refreshing, easy to make, and delicious. Perfect!


By Claudia

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