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What’s Hot for 2018? Inspirational Trends at The Forefront of Style


21 Dec 2017

No, it’s not your Nan’s house in 1985! The rich golden tones of brass furniture and lighting are set for a comeback and will be in high demand throughout 2018. A simple piece of metal can do so much, and the once old-fashioned brass trend has been revived with a 21st-century twist that will make you want to get the Brasso that has been sitting under the sink for the past 20 years out and start polishing again.

Here are our hot tips on how to make it work within your home.

  • Brass goes with pretty much everything. When it comes to colour coordination, brass is a dream come true. It works with neutral tones, dark rich tones and even pastels, don’t be restricted to colour, when it comes to brass don’t be afraid go bold.

  • You don’t need to go over the top. Simple elements add enough of a golden lustre to create a huge impact. By simply accessorising with brass tones you can give your home a more elegant feel. Try using brass lamps or ornaments sparsely throughout your room 

  • GO BIG! Brass Is Beautiful and if you like to be a show off do it with brass. Use brass on kitchen cupboard handles, on walls, in sinks and if you are flash even splash out for a brass bathtub

  • Mix it with marble. This modern combination of marble and brass is exquisite. Brass works alongside all colours of marble creating modern décor with a 1980’s twist.

  • Search the attic. It’s true what they say one person's trash is another person treasure. Ask older family members, maybe your Mum, Dad or Grandparents to search through their attics or garages to see if the is some buried treasure left over from the 1980’s. Sometimes all it takes is a polish to bring things back to life. Keep an eye out for lamps, mirrors, clocks and ornaments. See some examples of vintage brass wear below.




By Marion

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