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Alternative outdoor setting



Rooftops don’t have to be empty spaces of brick and grey. Invest in some outdoor cushions, thick rugs, outdoor places and a collection of festoon lighting and all you need is a bottle of Pimms and you’ve got a party. If you’re not lucky enough to have access to a roof top or fire doors restrict you, you might have a...

 Rooftop Garden



This alternative option can be done on an even cheaper budget and without the restrictions that a rooftop might have. All you need is some outdoor shelves from ikea and some pallets or an outdoor chair and table set. See this Pinterest hack for how to easily build a pallet sofa. Of course, no garden space would be complete without plants - fill the shelves with as little or many plants as you’re happy with plant some solar lights in the pots to create a cosy and eco-friendly feel. Finally, the finishing touch - festoon lighting! Festoon lighting is the perfect way to add character and personality to any space and in the rainy seasons they can be brought in and used inside. Finally, (if you’re anything like us) you’ve sacrificed a beautiful exterior for location and a beautiful interior, filled floor to ceiling with Iconic Lights, then you don’t have a rooftop or balcony. Never fear, you’ve got to have a…

 Balcony Garden




Yes, that’s right, even a window sill can be made beautiful. They’re the perfect place for plants to get the most sun. You can get really creative with your window sills like the one featured below where teapots have been used as plant pots. Plus, teapots can be picked up from charity shops for a couple of pounds. We love the look of a mix of designs. And finally, you need that pièce de résistance, the festoon lighting. The cable can easily be thread through the window and the cable is long enough to reach an indoor plug.

Window Sill Garden