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At home with @thehousethatblackbuilt

The only way we can describe Chelsea’s home is #perfect. The mix of black, brass and pink are the stuff of dreams. Chelsea’s choice of colour and accessories are effortlessly chic and teamed with one of the most beautiful feeds we have ever seen, we just had to ask her some questions.

 Describe your home...

3 bed, one bath Victorian Villa, filled with character and original features. The house has charm all by itself and that’s why we fell in love with it. In terms of our style, we like to be in keeping with the house as much as possible, so I’d say classic but with a twist. And a whole lotta black.

 What inspires you...

Anything and everything! What other people are doing on Instagram. Pinterest. Restaurants and bars. Hotels. I tend to see one single image, and everything falls into place. It won’t necessarily end up looking like the image, but it seems to just spark something that makes everything else make sense.

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What’s your favourite area in your home and why?

It’s normally always the room that we’ve last decorated as that tends to be the space that is the most ‘us’ in that moment. Which would be the kitchen. And I do LOVE the kitchen. But we’ve spent a few nights in The Sad Room (after the kitten pee’d in our bed) and I’ve just totally fallen back in love with it. I can’t actually tell you how comfy the bed is (I doubled up on the duvet as it’s quite a cold room and it’s like sleeping on a cloud wrapped in marshmallow - no joke) and to wake up in a space that is totally calm and completely decorated (the only room in the house that is) is just so nice.

 Tell us about your living room

Our living room is blaaaaaaaaand. We decorated it when we first moved in and I don’t really know what we were thinking. It’s so not us it’s actually funny. I mean, we have blue sofas

 Why pink?

I honestly have no idea. I’ve fully been influenced by trend on this one. Before the pink sofas I would honestly go as far as to say I hated pink. In every form. I’m not a girly girl and pink has always been girly to me. But something has happened to it in the past few years and it’s just cooler, right?! It has to be teamed with the right thing for me though for it to work and be the right shade of pink. It needs toughening up and black does that for me.