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Christmas with @EchoDesigns

"If you love rustic colours, visible paint strokes and imperfect finishes then echo designs are for you. Every batch of paint is mixed by hand so no two lots are the same. Expect a shabby effect finish in french grey, shabby cream, pastel blue and baby pink. Made to order just for you but with a weathered look that oozes character and vintage chic." - Liz, Echo Designs. 


What inspires you

Instagram, Pinterest, home magazines, Flea markets, I love seeing how other people style objects together to create a unique look, even the slightest variation in grouping can change the look and feel of a space. 

Your favourite room in your house

My dining room, it’s where we congregate as a family so it’s practical (wooden floor boards and hard wearing furniture) but it’s still full of character and opportunity’s to create eye catching displays with all my house finds so it ticks all the boxes as a house is to be lived in afterall! 

Echo Designs Dining Table

The first homeware piece you bought

I was 13 and it was a glass vase that hung on the wall and cost £20 - a huge amount to me then! My obsession started young!

Echo Designs Home


How important is lighting to creating the aesthetic that you’re after 

Incredibly important, lighting is the key element in creating a mood. Nothing else can do this in the same way. I love adding table lamps for pops of light and a gentle ambience in my home. 

Echo Designs Home

Describe your typical Christmas in 5 words

Nordic, maximist, monochrome, indulgent, sociable

Echo Designs Home

What’s your favourite aspect of Christmas

The over indulgence, sparkly outfits and decorating my home 

Echo Designs Home

Give us some Christmas decorating tips

I’m going full on Nordic this year, tons of fresh foliage draped on mantels entwined with tiny fairy lights, rustic decorations and candles. Mix up your natural elements for balance and interest: bark and wool:  metal and greenery. This look is best served with a subtle amount of sparkle to keep it natural, rustic and classy.

Echo Designs Home