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Co-Living With Beespace

Who remembers their first uni or shared house? The anxiety over whether you’d like the people if they stole your food, left hair in the sink or refused to share the cleaning rota. Just the mere thought of it puts us back to being 18 and terrified.

Jade from Bee Space is on a mission to change this opinion of shared living. She renovates houses that otherwise would have been left as dull, drab homes that were uninspiring and lacking creativity. She turns them into homes that are worthy of the ideas spilling out of them.

Jade has taken everything that everyone hates about shared living, the plain white walls, the shared bathroom, the kitchen that you can’t be bothered to clean because it would still look a mess afterwards and flipped them on their head – she’s made those things that everyone hates into the things that everyone loves about her renovation projects.

The house featured in this blog is compromised of five bedrooms, all en suite, a large, open plan kitchen, dining room and living area. There are exposed brick walls, Farrow and Ball’s Sulking Room Pink and Downpipe, inspiring quotes adorn the walls and of course, Iconic Lights features throughout. But don’t take our word for it, just look…