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Create a Chill Out Zone in your Garden this Summer

Hang out

The gentle rock of a swing chair is perfect for relaxing, made even comfier when piled high with cosy cushions. If you garden doesn’t have a veranda or covered patio, why not try hanging a swing chair from a strong tree.

Find your inner peace

Decorate your garden with items that give your outdoor space a sense of calm, such as a Buddha statue or water feature. Place the features among your different shades of greenery, to give a sense of tranquillity to your garden.

Utilise your space

If you only have a small outdoor area, you can still create your own relaxing haven. No matter the size of your balcony you can make it look inviting, with such simple finishing touches as a soft bean bag for lounging or a side table for coffee with a friend

Seek shade

Make sure you choose an area with plenty of shade, so you can escape the sun when you need to. An under-stairs nook is an ideal quiet spot that allows you to laze with a good book, whilst giving an adequate amount of natural daylight.

Lie back

A sun lounger will allow you to put your feet up, stretch out and soak up the sunshine. Why not combine this with a natural rug and potted plants on your balcony, a great spot to lie back and watch the world go by.

Fire pit

Why not invest in a table that doubles up as a fire pit, a great way for helping your garden transition between day and night time. You can relax by yourself or in the company of friends, taking part in such activities as toasting marshmallows or simply nestling round the fire catching up with old friends and family.

Think minimal

White walls and planters, simple greenery and natural wood will help create a space designed to soothe the soul. Why not create a built-in sandpit to keep little ones occupied throughout the day so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Find your fragrance

Choose a variety of plants that will help give a relaxing, comforting scent, naturally perfuming your outdoor spot. Lavender bushes are great for releasing a lovely scent over the summer months.

Level up

In a city, garden space is often limited, so a flat roof is great for creating your own spot of paradise. Why not invest in a built-in hot tub, the ultimate way to wind-down in the summer evenings, especially when surrounded by a flat surface that is big enough to house a side table for a good book and glass of wine.

Lighten up your outdoor space

Invest in different sets of fairy lights to give your patio space a warm, inviting atmosphere. Add an ambient glow to your outdoor space to create a relaxing area that’s great for after-work drinks or a bite to eat. If you don’t have an outside plug socket, why not try solar fairy lights for a twinkle in the eve.