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Creating a Paris Apartment

Influences On Parisian Style

This sense of style flows through city of Paris like the Thames flows through London. For centuries Paris was uniquely centric to a wealth of art movements. All of these periods leave a lasting impression on the city so don’t be afraid to pair pieces that that might not be chronologically close together. As well as a wealth of art there are centuries of actual financial wealth that means that Paris carries a fascinating combination of innovation and tradition combined with an overarching sense of luxury.

If you’re looking to build that into your own interior design, there are some stand out features to help you achieve that Parisian chic style that is the envy of cities across the world.

Lighting to Create a Parisian Style

- Gold

When it comes to lighting designs we’ve found that shades of gold feature heavily, often complimented by accessories such as grand picture frames and mirrors. This grandeur is reflected in luxurious styles including chandeliers and decorative wall mounted candles.

Paris Apartment

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Gold Wall Light

Gold Chandelier

- Crystal
The sense of luxury and style extends with the use of exquisite, shimmering crystals. Hanging delicately, catching the light and reflecting their sparkle across the room. Whether in a traditional chandelier or in a feature of their own, crystals are timeless and are used heavily to contribute to building an indulgent interior.

Flush Chandelier

Mancunian Chandelier

Paris is a city with extremely close ties to art and as it is particularly alive with 19th Century design and heavily influenced by art neavou. Whilst it was not a movement exclusive to France or Paris, examples can be seen right across the city with many prominent buildings built in the style and perhaps most noticeably in the stunning metro system entrance ways which were designed by art nouvou artist Guimar. Another innovator of this movement, Louis Comfort Tiffany, has had a big impact in lighting with his glamourous glass styling replicated in many modern pieces.

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Tiffany Table Lamp

Pars is a hub of style and luxury, it is not named “the capital of fashion” for nothing, and whether it is on catwalks or in homes, the styles of Paris hold the eyes of the world. If you’re looking to replicate the Paris look in your own home, think luxury. Think about that chic Frenchwoman. Think crystals, golds and glass to create a bold, extravagant interior drawing on centuries of being the head and heart in art, fashion and design.

 Tiffany Table Lamp