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How to achieve the Soho House look in your living room

With hotels, spas and restaurants all around the world, Soho House is famous for their experimental style in interior design. From vintage pieces to lavish fabrics, Matt Deighton from Timeless Chesterfields has given us his guide to achieving the luxurious yet comfortable Soho House look in your living room. Soho House began as a members-only club known for their extravagant but laidback interior style. Now, with chains of hotels all over the world, people are eager to incorporate this trend into their homes. The key idea behind this trend is mixing, so don’t be afraid to play with textures, colours and styles to create your look. Remember that anything you choose also must be comfortable as well as luxurious. I’ll be giving you my top tips for achieving the Soho House look in your own living room, so you can relax in style, without compromising on comfort.

 Focus on style

Soho House takes inspiration from their geographical location for each of their hotels, so it’s great to look to your surroundings and building’s history when styling your living room. Most of their English hotels are very much inspired by old country estates, with classic British furniture from different periods. Mix up Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian styles to create your look with Chesterfield sofas and vintage pieces. The secret is to invest in key pieces of furniture, as you’ll likely have them for a while, and don’t worry about casual wear from use, since this only adds to the look.

Choose comforting earthy colours

The great thing about this trend is that you’re not limited to specific colours or patterns. My only advice would be to stay away from bright and garish colours and lean more towards muted colours and earthy tones — like green, grey and brown — to create a comfortable and relaxing space. Toned down jewel colours, such as blue and red, add a more luxurious feel to furnishings without compromising on cosiness.

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Play with durable materials

The key to this look is to get the right balance between luxury and comfort. For soft furnishings, you want to pick lavish fabrics that’ll also be durable and functional enough to use in your everyday life, such as cotton, leather and velvet. Do the same with your furniture, picking sturdy materials that’ll get better with age, like dark hardwoods, such as oak, walnut and mahogany. For floors, parquet flooring or exposed wood is both stylish and hard-wearing. Mix up textures to create an interesting, cosy look by adding faux fur rugs to wooden flooring and wool blankets to sofas and armchairs.

 Perk up your walls with wood or wallpaper

The Soho House look relies on antique pieces, so wood panelling works great on walls. For a more refreshed modern look, paint the bare wood in a warm or muted colour to keep the cosy feel, whilst still modernising the space. Alternatively, you can put up patterned wallpaper reminiscent of the time periods already established in your room: think classic floral patterns and mid-century modern geometric prints.

Mix up your lighting

For lighting, pick clean modern pieces to add a little burst of the contemporary, or go for more antique shades and bases. You can mix between art deco minimalist lighting to more ornate pieces, but the important thing to remember is to make use of lamps. Ceiling lights are great at lighting the whole room and making a space look grand, but table lamps offer low-light for those cosy nights in.

Search antique shops for accessories

Accessories are a great way to add antique pieces to your room to really complete the look. Brass candelabras and candle sticks will look great on your wooden tables and period art pieces really bring together the luxurious style. In addition to more ornate pieces, books can be great accessories when it comes to interior design. Whether you’re an avid reader or just prefer their aesthetic value, I’m a big fan of used books displayed on bookshelves and windowsills for this trend. The older you can find, the better, as their faded covers will really add to the worn but elegant look. With fashionable British pieces and timeless décor, you can easily create the luxurious yet homely look synonymous with Soho House. The secret is to not be afraid. Experiment a little with time periods and styles to create a room which radiates character but stays true to your personality.