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How To Do Industrial Home Decor With Steampunk Style

But how do you bring industrial interior design and steampunk decor to your home? At Iconic Lights, we’ve compiled some of our favourite steampunk decorating ideas to inspire your new look. Whether you live in a Victorian house or a modern apartment with exposed brick, steampunk decor can be achieved with as big or as little statement as you’re ready to make. Introduce small features like exposed filament bulbs and exposed pipes, or be bold with industrial lighting and make your statement with an industrial chandelier.


1. Expose mechanical details

The mechanical is key to industrial style and steampunk decor so choose furniture that echoes this. Think steel surfaces and aged metal.


Exposing the details that would normally be covered up is a simple way to achieve that raw, unfinished look and play on steampunk’s idea of old and new.

 Steampunk Style 1

2. Fuse wood and metal in furniture

The blend of these two opposing materials is the perfect way to showcase the clean, elegant aesthetic of steampunk decor with the rougher, bolder edge.


Think wooden shelves with dark metal brackets in the kitchen, or bring the fusion into accessories, like industrial ceiling pendants and table lights.

 Steampunk Style 2

3. The colour scheme

Think muted tones of the Victorian era. Stick to cream, black, brown and sepia with metallics to echo the mechanical detail and metals.


Industrial interior design isn’t about bright colours.


Add interest with textures, like rusted metal or leather furniture, and introduce atmosphere with aged brass steampunk lamps.


4. Expose pipes

A significant element of steampunk interior design is exposed pipes - literally, everywhere. From ceilings in living rooms to utensil storage in kitchens, exposed pipes are the epitome of the industrial, warehouse style.


Bring exposed pipes into furniture or choose from our Luiggi Range that replicates this detail.

Steampunk Style 4

5. Frame or hang old maps

An impactful way of nodding to the gothic is decorating with old maps.

You can find printed wallpaper for a real feature wall, or be a little more understated and simply frame an old map. A bold and unusual way to achieve steampunk interior design.


6. Place emphasis on old or upcycled furniture

Old steamer trunks are iconic to steampunk decor. Use a large one as a coffee table and conveniently double up on storage too.

If in doubt, look in charity shops for an old vintage suitcase to achieve the same look.

 Steampunk Style 3


7. Create the atmosphere

Industrial lighting can vastly change the ambience of your home and create steampunk style with just one piece of furniture.

Edison bulbs and Edison table lamps are a stylish, more subtle way to nod to the era. Or industrial pendant lighting can change a whole space.