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How to Make your Home Feel More Festive with Christmas Lighting


26 Nov 2019

Christmas is all about theatre and what better way to put on a show than with some lovely lighting. From Christmas tree lights to festoons, from candles to the light from an open fire, here are our top tips for making your home feel Christmassy with lighting.

Christmas Candles

There’s nothing quite as atmospheric and relaxing than candlelight, especially at Christmas time. Used singularly or in clusters, candles make for quite the spectacle and if you use scented candles then you have the added benefit of the place smelling great too. A top tip is to use wine glasses as candle holders – turn the glasses upside down, put baubles inside the glass and then place the candles on top of the glass. The effect is Christmassy, calming and charming.  

Fairy Light Features

New rules for Christmas, fairy lights everywhere! Fairy lights literally transform even the least exciting of features in the home into something special. Stair banisters for example, give them the fairy light treatment and throw in a little tinsel for good measure and you have a stairway to heaven. Other features where fairy lights shine include mantelpieces, picture rails and around the headboards of beds.

Fabulous Festoons

It isn’t just the inside of your home that you can make feel Christmassy with lights, outdoors can also be transformed with fabulous festoon lights. These are like fairy lights, but bigger and they look great in gardens or on the outside of your home. Decorate a garden tree, a pagoda or the edges of pathways with festoons. Alternatively, put them around doors, windows or get some little elves to help you run the festoons along the eaves of the property. 

Christmas Tree Lights

We couldn’t possibly write a post about making your home feel Christmassy with lights and not mention Christmas tree lights, the quintessential festive decoration. But what colour and style of lights will you go for? A simple string of warm white lights, coloured clusters or a chain of diamond white lights? The choices have become endless, nevertheless they all contribute to making Christmas a time to cherish.

An Open Fire

Let’s face facts, Christmas is cold, it’s winter and so what better time of year to “get the logs in” and have a real open fire. As well as warming your home, you can roast chestnuts on the fire and the dancing golden hue of light that comes from the flames is quite like no other, a mesmerising show indeed. Top tip, if you can get hold of some logs that give off a sweet aroma, Applewood for example, then you’re onto a festive winter winner. 

Christmas Clusters

Lighting clusters are very much on-trend at the moment and so this year why experiment with them. Whether used indoors or outdoors light clusters look super-sophisticated and make more of a statement than a string of single lights and so if you’re looking for some style this Christmas – it’s clusters.   

The perfect Christmas set up:

 Clear Festoon Lights

 Vedic Star Table Lamp

  Chain Lights in Warm

 Vega Star Table Lamp

By Louise Whittland

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