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Illuminate Your Living Space with a Fabulous Floor Lamp

Place the lamp centre stage

A floor lamp can create a real visual statement if correctly placed. Why not try hanging your floor lamp over a central coffee table providing a practical and attractive fixture within any living space. Our classic Arco Floor Lamp, inspired by the Achille & Pier Castiglioni Brothers in 1960, pools light onto a table beautifully, filtering it upwards for an ambient glow. You could place the floor lamp alongside seating made from cosy, homely fabrics to prevent the smart chrome looking too hard in a room.

Try something new

If your home currently has quite a neutral theme running throughout you could invest in a slightly more unusual floor lamp, introducing drama into your household. A wooden tripod lamp could create a real statement piece, adding a fun, Scandinavian edge to your home. The light wood should still echo the tones of the room, ensuring it doesn’t overpower the scheme.

Try a classic tripod base

A classic tripod floor lamp is the perfect choice for any period space. Try investing in a simple design with a white shade and wooden base, working well with pale walls and wooden floorboards.

Feather Floor Lamp

Add a touch of glamour

Structure is important for any modern living area. Try having fun with lighting, breaking up the clean lines whilst adding character. A floor lamp can be highly playful, injecting a dose of Hollywood glamour into your home.

Adjustable lighting

Investing in adjustable lighting will ensure your fixtures are fit for all purposes. You can also tilt the lamp upright to cast more light into the room, or lower it for more concentrated tasks, such as reading or sewing. 

Forton Floor Lamp

Varying Size

You could invest in a variety of different sized floor lamps. A tall floor lamp could match a smaller table lamp to complete and compliment your home interior space. If you opt for a white theme, the design of the lamp would be the main focus, exuding stylish elegance without being too garish.

Match with your central light

Even if your room has a unique pendant that is the main focus of the room, you can still introduce a floor lamp into the space, as long as it takes a backseat. In order to ensure the two separate light fittings work well side by side, you should try matching similar shades and tones.

Multi-headed design

Try spreading out the light in your living room with a multi-headed floor lamp. A floor lamp with a fabric drum shade can add both a sophisticated note and shot of colour into any space.

Bring structure into a room

A floor lamp can be both practical and also provide a stylish feature. Investing in a sculptural design helps to add interest in a room, drawing the eye upwards, whilst emphasising the height of a room.

Modern Home with Floor Lamp

Supersize your lamp

If you have a large room you need a larger statement, so an extra-large lamp is ideal for creating a feature that wouldn’t get lost. It can help keep the room from feeling too low-level, casting masses of soft light across the seating area.