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Industrial on a budget


Industrial interiors are huge right now, but we know what you’re thinking, what if the trend fizzles away? What if I hate it after 6 months?! What you need is a way to indulge in the trend and be able to change it back with a moment’s notice. We’re here to give you some ideas.


First, we’ll start with lighting - it is our specialism after all. A lot of industrial inspired fittings require wiring and electricians, but we’ve pulled together some of our favourite ceiling shades which don’t require either.


Dominic Pendant

Cement Finish Penglai

Ivanhoe Pendant

Aviator Pendant

Portishead Pendant

Commodore Pendant 


Next up is lighting that is a little easier to change a round - table lamps. And with these prices you don’t have a reason to say no to an industrial upgrade any more.


Marvin Floor Lamp

Our Burgess Range

Our Diablo Range

Neilson Table Lamp

Sampson Table Lamp


Next is furniture. We think the best way to incorporate industrial decor into your home is with a vintage piece of furniture, an old desk or an old workman’s tool box or chest of drawers. These already have an industrial feel and we know, we know, it’s a bit more of an investment BUT if you shop around you can get a good deal. AND whatsmore, this style of furniture crosses over many trends including vintage which, is never out of style.


AND we’ve got a cheap and easy tip to dress up your furniture. Inspired by Claire Marshall, we highly recommend getting a Dymo Embossing Label Maker to label everything and we mean everything. It’s the perfect way to add style and personality to any areas of the home - you could even sneak in some puns. And trust us, once you click once, you won’t be able to stop.


If investing in weighty furniture isn’t your thing you could always recycle some used pallets to make a sofa, shelves or our favourite a coffee table. Pinterest is full to bursting with how tos on transforming pallets. See our favourites below:

 Pallet Sofa 1

Pallet Sofa 2

Pallet Sofa 3

Along the same lines as the pallet furniture are scaffolding piping shelves. (see our favourite how tos below). These materials are easy to get hold of at your local hardware store or Screwfix and with a little know how you could make something impressive.

Pipe Shelves

We’ve listed below a few things you could pick up to instantly give your home an industrial edge:

Grid notice board with bulldog clips

Hanging photos with paper clips and bulldog clips

Crates for storing fruits and vegetables

Chalkboard wall

Artwork made of screws (we’re not crazy - see the photo)

Stained wood

Ladder book shelves

 Crate Storage

Screw Art