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How to Style Pampas Grass and the Best Places to Buy it

Once considered as a relic from the 1970’s, pampas grass or cortaderia selloana, is now back on-trend and can be seen on the pages and posts of all self-respecting interior design publications or social media. So, for the uninitiated here are some tips on how to style pampas grass and the best places to buy it.

Why it Works

Pampas grass has a wheat-like neutral colour and this means that it’ll fit in nicely with, more or less, any interior colour scheme. It’s also full of grace, with its long stalks and fluffy floral heads. Beautiful and versatile, you can achieve a wide range of styles that will complement and bring to life any living space or bedroom.

Seasonal Splendour

Arranged alongside some other seasonal-themed items, pampas grass can help to make any time of the year feel a little more special. Inspiration for autumn includes vintage wooden apple boxes, painted pumpkins and natural fibre twine all make happy bedfellows for pampas grass displays - think harvest festivals and wheat swaying gently in the breeze.

Dark Drama

When it comes to contrast pampas grass works really well with black blue and other dramatic dark wall tones – also currently on-trend. These bring out the golden tones from the grass and also pair really nicely with lush green foliage from plants and worn blue/green ceramics and     

Glitz and Glamour

A simple pampa grass arrangement, placed on a sideboard and accompanied by a cocktail set and candles will provide the perfect addition to spaces that are glitzy and glamourous. Monochrome themes accented by copper or brass, bold patterns and rich velvet furnishings work well as backdrops to this scenario and when it’s time for drinks, choose a delicious Hollywood cocktail.  

Dandy Scandi   

Used in rooms which are essentially neutral in tone, whether they be white, stone or beige, pampas grass gives you a graceful, willowy silhouette, particularly if they are lit nicely with natural or a lovely lamp. The dandy Scandi look is airy, with clean lines, but with soft subtle hints of decadence – provided by the pampas.

The Best Places to Buy Pampas Grass

Due to its current popularity, it’s not difficult to source pampas grass, in fact you may be able to pick up some pampas in your local supermarket – Waitrose Garden, for example stock it. Home and garden centres are also well worth checking out, as is your local plant nursery. If you’re looking for dried pampas and want a quick fix solution, then a respectable florist is perhaps your best bet – most good florists who don’t have it in stock will be glad to order it for you and so maybe give them a call or drop in as you’re passing to avoid a wasted journey.

Your final option is to grow some pampas from seed, however be warned, it takes up to three years before the grass begins to produce those luscious plumes – so not the best approach for the impatient.    

Perfect pair to your pampas grass: