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Small mid-century modern spaces

This season, we’re loving mid century modern spaces. Everything was different in the 50’s and 60’s, furniture was built to last, it was strong and stylish and for us, that has never gone out of style. The clean lines, functional pieces and minimal feel is something to be admired. We love homes that makes a statement and that’s what mid century modern is all about.
Mid century modern spaces on Pinterest all seem to be large, open plan rooms and sometimes, you just don’t have that luxury. Below are our favourite small mid-century modern spaces and some tips on how to master yours.

 Lighting is the easiest way to update any room. Mid-century modern lighting design favours bold shapes and intriguing pieces, they tend to lend themselves to neutral or muted tones, metallics and glass. Below are our favourite mid-century modern inspired lighting designs that rely on being chic and sleek. These designs are effortless and are all about the detail.
Something great about the lamp or the home or how to fold your bedsheets or something made like that.

 Beautiful, unique pieces of furniture are what mid-century modern, mid-century modern. If you’re looking to update your living room to give it a mid-century modern edge start hunting room antique fairs and shops to find a piece that truly represents the time. Also don’t overlook something because it’s looking a bit tired or is the wrong colour, YouTube makes upholstering easy.

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 The ideal mid-century modern room favours neutral walls with a pop of colour coming from a large, impressive piece of art. If your pockets have holes in, this is something you can easily create yourself. Mid-century modern is about abstract. Everything is art if it’s abstract. This is also a great way to get a piece of art that perfectly complements your colour scheme or furniture.

 If you love mid-century modern, you probably love minimalism. You value things that mean something to you or represent something or someone. Start your new mid-century modern lifestyle by sorting through your belongings and take a leaf our of Marie Kondo’s book and donate things that don’t bring you joy. Decluttering is also an easy way to make your small room feel bigger.