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Top 10 Ways to Create a Modern Coastal Mood in Your Hallway

Give stripes a try

Blue and white stripes are often the main colour theme running through coastal style homes. Your home can exude an airy, laid-back feel that gives a holiday beach vibe. You should ensure you have purely white walls to contrast against rich timber floorboards so you drift off dreaming of days at the coast.



Style your interior with driftwood

Invest in artfully placed driftwood around the home, a porthole-studded door and stripy cushions to give your home tons of beachside love. Collect piles of driftwood and stack them in baskets for a simple decorating strategy for both coastal and town based homes. Why not try embellishing a plain framed mirror with silvery driftwood to create your own maritime feature.

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Mix up classic ingredients

A large, inviting hallway has a variety of elements to achieve the coastal look: including navy and white stripes, a dash of red and wicker tones. Why not try painting the walls in a delicate blue, displaying a model boat for nautical chic.


Play with natural light

The coast reminds us of big skies and tons of natural light, so try opening up your entrance with windows and glass panels to let the natural light flood in. Consider adding glass to your front door and positioning mirrors to bounce light around to give your space added light. Investing in an all-white decorating scheme will help add to the sunny, coastal mood.


Try making your own

Why not collect your own driftwood and seashells to place around the home. These tactile pieces of wood have a weathered surface which is great for decorating with beautiful shells. So next time you’re at the shore, look out for things on the shore to make your own artwork from. You can take home a great holiday memory whilst creating a coastal vibe for your home.

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Clad your home with white timber

Whitewashed ‘tongue and groove’ is a classic wall treatment for a simple take on the coastal look. In order to truly get the seaside vibe you should ensure that nothing is too perfect or pristine but rough and distressed around the edges. Allow the paintwork to get a little shabby, so your home has a well lived-in look that will only get better with age. Try mixing weathered timbers, with vintage linen cushions and old pieces of furniture for the perfect coastal look.


Be bold with blue

Coastal hallways don’t always need to be packed with motifs and prints to give a sense of the seaside. A bold, geometric wallpaper can give a sense of contemporary coastal style in a far more abstract manner. Whitewashed floorboards are also great for giving a coastal feel, ensuring your blue and white printed walls engulf every visitor who steps into your home.


Celebrate simplicity

The hallway is the first room people see when entering the home, and it should set the tone for the rest of the house. A light and airy entrance should offer a touch of rustic style, tongue-and-groove panelling, weathered pendant lights, and white walls which can be just as powerful as any bold colour when it comes to coastal style.



Smarten up your home

If the lived-in style isn’t for you, coastal can also give a more sophisticated air. You can create a crisp, smart hallway with a panelled interior to enhance the white wash walls and tall mirrors. A pencil-stripe rug and white chest can help hint at the coastal style, giving a far cleaner cool sense of the word.


Nod to the nautical

Give your home a nautical flavour, with anchor motifs, chunky blue and white stripes and a porthole mirror, creating a stylish yet unfussy look that will raise a smile on every visitor’s face.

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