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Trends: Brass and Copper are in this Season

One of the biggest trends currently is the use of traditional materials being reclaimed and restyled for the modern day home, bringing warmth to even the starkest, most minimalist of interiors.

Copper and brass are warm reflective materials that give traditional materials a lease of new life in the modern day home. We have steered away from brushed steels and shiny chromes, rediscovering traditional metals and alloys, finding new ways to work them into our home interiors. Such simple ideas include copper flanking a kitchen island to classic brass taps helping bring warmth to a marble bathroom, the rich colours of brass and copper adding a touch of style to the home.

Cover units in copper

The island unit in a kitchen extension can be flanked at either end with sheet copper. Invest in highly polished sheets of colour that give a golden colour, bringing a touch of glamour to a white unit.

 Copper and Brass Trend

Invest in industrial taps

Copper helps to bring a touch of industrial chic to any kitchen space. Look to invest in bespoke taps made using copper piping and simple valves. Expensive taps that appear in modernist kitchens help to create a beautiful space in contrast to marble tones.


Indulge in Brass brackets

Brass shelf brackets give a simple shelf a touch of personality. They can help bring life to a pale kitchen. White tiles and marble worktops can come across as cold, with brass brackets creating a soft contrast, helping to warm up a space.


Add as art

Brass can help to add interest to a scheme. The alloy was traditionally used for practical purposes such as house letters and numbers, lighting or taps. You should hunt in vintage shops for old brass fittings and pieces, coming up with unique ways to use them as decoration within the home.

 Copper Lamp and Brass Tables

Work in some piping

Copper piping runs beneath the floorboards in many of our homes, why not try bringing it out into the open. The piping would complement rustic stairs and sturdy beams, looking warm and unique in any old, characterful home.



Softly inject black tones

The use of chrome and steel can look cold against a plain black backdrop, with brass tones appearing warm and inviting. Brass tones can help gently punctuate a black wall, helping to soften the room without taking away from the dramatic appearance.

 Copper Feature Side Board

Add a funky feature wall

Treat your outside space to some striking metal designs. In your courtyard garden include a copper wall for a really dramatic look, or simply work copper in on decorative items such as mirrors and garden sculptures throughout your outdoor living space.


Add a bold copper fixture

An antique copper tub would look amazing taking centre stage in a bathroom, with copper towel rail helping to pick up the theme, adding warmer, reflective colours to your living space.

 Copper Pendant and Pink Wall

Invest in a fire surround

Within the living room you could have a unique feature in the form of a fireplace finished with copper. The soft glow of the copper creates a matching frame for the flickering flames, and draws the eye without over powering the space.