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Applicable to any time and space, and a word that can be used as adjective, verb or noun, Danes take hygge very seriously. They feel it’s an inherent part of their make-up, mentally and physically. Hygge translates into the spaces we spend time in, the people we spend time with, as well as our mental well-being. It’s generally likened to cosiness, the warm, happy feeling you get from spending time with friends and family, and from appreciating the smaller moments in life.

How to Hygge Your Life

Invest in candles

Lighting candles makes a space relaxing, cosy and ambient, the perfect way to get hygge in your home. So much so that Danes burn more candles per head than anywhere else in Europe - so get your matches at the ready!

Add cosy fabrics

Is there anything nicer than watching flickering flames whilst cosying up under a blanket with a steaming cup of hot chocolate?

Well, that’s hygge right there - now can you see why Danes are so happy?

Add blankets, throws and cushions wherever you can to add luxury and make your interiors feel restful - think chunky knits, faux furs and soft wools. 



In the home, it means creating a cosy, inviting space where you want to welcome others, with lots of candlelight, relaxing fabrics and personal touches.

Hygge can be the feeling when you sink into a deep, hot bubble bath or cosy up with a good book and a blanket

 Lighting a fire can also have a similar effect to create ambient light.

If you don’t have a real fireplace in your home, an artificial fireplace or electric fireplace can instil the same feeling of warmth and glow in your cosy space.

Linger and remember the simple things

We’re all used to rushing around, spinning the proverbial plates and generally not taking a moment’s breath to take it all in.

A dinner in Denmark can take hours because it’s a social occasion, they linger, they’re mindful, they’re aware.

So take a moment to appreciate the space around you, take a long bath or have a lie-in. Being kind to yourself as well as others can have a profound effect on well-being.

Hygge with friends

Hygge is social - that fuzzy feeling we get when enjoying time with family and friends.

So to endure the long winters, Danes get busy in the kitchen cooking up warming stews and feasts, inviting their nearest and dearest to share it with them.

Invite your friends for some hygge and get cooking up a storm.

Emphasise design and lighting

Hygge has a lot to do with being proud of the space you create and invite others into - design and lighting play a big role in this. Lighting makes spaces feel relaxed and warm so a suspended glass pendent like our, Pelle Ceiling Light and low-slung pendant lighting is often popular in Denmark. It can also be very flattering, another reason lighting can bring hygge by making us feel good!


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