Eco Friendly design: Our Favourite eco homes on Instagram


With Veganuary in full swing, we’re going to take a look at our favourite Eco homes on Instagram for all the new year new home inspiration you need. Eco Friendly living is bigger than ever and can range from recycling your plastic bottles to create unique furnishings, to ditching one use plastic and living that low waste life, we’re going to show you our top five eco-friendly homes on Instagram and see just how they achieve these looks. 

We’ll start of by taking a look at @evningcffeeSelinas feed is instantly bright and welcoming, showcasing her Scandi style home as well as her many, many houseplants. The interior is beautifully Nordic with clean lines and those gorgeous wooden floors and work tops with the clean white walls, which certainly bring out the natural beauty of this home. This is only complimented by the simple shapes with strong form we see in the storage units used in various rooms such as this beautiful kitchen unit. Selina is an advocate for sustainable living, ditching the single use plastic such as straws and plastic bags for stainless steel straws and fruit / vegetable bags, as well as opting for making her own dry shampoo! Of course, there is a love of house plants here also, and we love them just as much as they make this space even more inviting and natural. Selina reminds us not to stress over those first steps to having an Eco home as “When you have the attitude of wanting to change, you have already taken the most important step.” 


Next up is @thehomelyhaven who provides natural cleaning workshops on toxin free products and makes stunning floral wreaths. In pursuit of a natural home homelyhaven is ditching unwanted toxins in the home and pursing more eco-friendly solutions such as her bleach alternative ‘oxygen bleach’ which is Sodium percarbonate and Essentials oils, with no added perfumes or toxins and still being able to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and mildew it is tipped to be the best alternative to hard chlorine bleach out there. There’s a wide range of eco-friendly, toxin free alternatives showcased here, from cleaning products and laundry products to low waste homemade Christmas presents. Along with the images of her charmingly rustic home we adore the inspiring feed! 

Thirdly we have @Fairylandcottage whose feed overall is very inviting with a lot imagery of outdoor spaces, candles and fairy lights giving us a very cosy autumn feel. We come to fairyland cottage for those natural beauty tips because as well as showing us the way for natural cleaning products and a waste free kitchen, they also show us how to have your own natural, toxin free, hair routine, skin care and even toothpaste. Using ingredients such as coconut oil, fenugreek and hibiscus flowers these homemade, au naturel products are truly motivating for all our eco-friendly needs. We would also highly recommend checking out her post regarding plant based hair dye, which is of course eco-friendly and sounds to be a lot less damaging then those DIY hair-dyes you find at the store!

@zerowastedoc is our go to inspiration for reaching our waste free goals. Zerowastedoc covers everything from a waste free home to reducing your waste outside the home as well. With tips and tricks for reusing kitchen ware for your eat out lunches, you’ll be sure to find some handy ideas here. In particular we were very intrigued by the posts showcasing the efforts to reduce her plastic bathroom waste as we take a look at the solid shampoo bars, which as zerowastedoc points out requires making an educated choice in type, as these can be effected by everything from hair type, to water type in your area, but it’s a small price to pay to reduce those pesky plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. 


Our final Instagram inspiration comes from @suszi_saunders who is a winner of the PETA’s vegan home award. This feed showcases her superb contemporary home and helps us understand what it takes to create a vegan and cruelty free home with adorable children running around. The house décor is awe-inspiring and eco-friendly with even vegan paint on the walls and wool free rugs around the home, this really showcases that you can have an eco-friendly home without sacrificing the style. Suszi was also our go to for that guilt free Christmas with eco-friendly wooden toys for the boys as well as eco-friendly Christmas crackers made from recycled paper and without those useless plastic toys that are generally found inside. We can certainly see why Suszi has been awarded a PETA’s vegan home award with the incredible efforts she has gone to with providing a waste-free an eco-friendly home for her boys.