Eden Eco-Friendly Pendant - the Story


 I Used to be a Plastic Bottle

The Iconic Eden Eco-Friendly Recycled Pendant Shade is our most eco-friendly design to date. It is designed to bring joy as well as style to your home for 2020. It is inspiring in its simplicity. It's low-impact and light-weight breeziness is the very essence of this season and the new decade's optimism. Eden's zero-waste message is just the beginning as we take steps towards more sustainable living here at Iconic Lights. 2020 is about conscious shopping.  Buying things that make us feel good. Products that can be repurposed and given a new lease of life with creative styling. Products that have a story. Here we share the story of how Eden came to be and the plans we have for a range of stylish eco-friendly range of products.

Green Light

The afterlife of a plastic bottle once it has been dropped off at a recycling centre is more often than not to be shipped across the Pacific to China where it will be processed and turned into pellets, which can be re-used, but at a cost. Having pledged to make 2020 a year of efficiencies and reduced waste (we have already moved much of our warehousing power to renewable suppliers, Orsted) we decided to go back to our ethos here at Iconic Lights - our commitment to ground-breaking 'Iconic' lighting and gave the green light for our eco-lighting journey.  

The Eden Pendant Shade and Packaging is 100% Recyclable


Aware of the abundance of recycled bottle pellets in China, Iconic Lights set about investigating further. So, it turns out that it is not just the cost of setting up machinery to turn crates of plastic pellets into our wonderful pendant designs, there would be other restrictions too.

Restrictions aside, being the creative and style-driven folk that we are we set about with many, many plans for a family of eco-friendly homeware lighting. In our design pipe-line we had smoked finishes in beautiful amber, rose, tarnished silver and even blackened bronze-effect. We wanted organic shapes, inspired by the sea from which the plastic bottles had traveled. With blue being the new grey for 2020, we had visions of nautical-inspired interiors with our light-weight and low impact pendant quietly making aa big eco-friendly statement in homes across the UK.   

The new machinery would need timely (and therefore costly) cleaning if colour variations were required. Several new tools would be needed to ensure all component parts of the shade would be 100% recyclable, as well as made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Good design requires a firm commitment to the credentials driving any new product development and so compromise, even on this occasion, just was not an option. Several (also costly) 3D printed samples later and we arrived at the inspiring Eden shade - a timeless design in a stylish finish and what's more every component, including the packaging is 100% recyclable, completing the circle of Eden's journey.   

 Meaningful Life

With the arrival of the New Year as well as the start of a new decade, the mood is optimistic. We're taking stock and re-booting for more sustainable living. Interior trends are leaning towards living a meaningful life, with social spacing and places for focus and reflection important in our home design for 2020. Natural and imperfect colours, shapes and materials feature in 2020 interior trends. The bathroom, one of the few rooms left where we still have a lock, gets a new focus and lighting is key in creating our own personal sanctuary and bedrooms are places of calm and serenity, dressed in natural materials with bedroom lighting that lightens our mood. Busy spaces like kitchens and living rooms are slowed down to a calm and joyful pace, with functional kitchen lighting and relaxing living room lamps. Correct office lighting and reading lamps give focus as we work on being present more in 2020 and as the winter darkness turns to longer daylight our outdoor spaces become our private garden oasis. We're very optimistic for 2020 and our very own Eco-Friendly Eden is setting the tone just nicely.  

 “We need to stop thinking about sustainability as a trend and approach it as an expectation and a demand from the consumer—an intrinsic requirement at all levels of the market,” says Gemma Riberti, head of interiors at WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors.

And it is our passion for lights that are inspiring, on-trend and at an affordable price that has brought us this season's must-have, the Eden Eco Shade.  The coveted Eden shade is made from 16 recycled plastic bottles and the finish is a frosted grey colour in a timeless retro shape. The style is not only light in its eco-footprint, but very light-weight also giving the Eden shade lots of flexibility for your lighting needs, from under the stairs office spaces to tall, open-plan ceilings. The 300ml diameter gives a good spread of light, which can be focused by lowering the hanging position, perhaps above a dining table. The options for this new eco-light are endless. 

Here's some more eco-inspired ideas to get the green juices flowing as you welcome the New Year and New You.


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