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Light is the new black: inspiring you, styling your home

It’s not every day that you make-over an entire piece of furniture to create the perfect home for a beautiful light, but after seeing this stunning ceramic dove table lamp I simply couldn’t resist.

As part of Iconic Light’s ‘Light up your summer’ campaign, I was challenged to turn a simple bedside table into something a little more interesting.

Me and my husband were lucky enough to find a simple chest of drawers on eBay, collection only and just a ten minute drive away. With a winning bid of just £8 it must have been fate, the perfect perch for our lovely Dove.

Ceramic Dove

Right at home, our little dove will provide a soft reading light, adding character to a room we hope our friends and family will enjoy staying in. Quite often table lamps can be overly bright so we were thrilled to find one which adds a subtle glow rather than an over exposed bright beam.

It can be difficult to find the perfect lighting, and in this instance we fell in love with the lamp and then built up the interior scheme and styling around it. Light, bright and airy the perfect look for a country cottage.

Having recently bought our first home, we are decorating every room from scratch. You can follow our journey and find more interior inspiration via

Ceramic Dove

We decided to compliment the frosted white finish of the lamp with a very pale grey chalk paint, and after two quick coats and a little drying time the drawers were completely transformed. Fresh, bright and easy, it really is the ideal summer makeover, taking just an afternoon from start to finish.

As well as a new coat of colour we also opted to change the drawer knobs, switching the wood handles for an antique brass set. Smart and polished, they were the perfect finishing touch, completing our makeover.

With a little styling the transformation is complete, and I’m pretty sure the original owner wouldn’t recognise the drawers in a hundred years. Fresh flowers and a quirky copper clock, the scene is set for our guest bedroom.

Ceramic Dove