Interior Trends 2021


One of the most defining aspects of 2020 was how much time we all spent at home. Many of us spent more time at home last year than ever before … so we don’t blame you for getting a little bit sick of staring at the same old interiors. What better way to forget about 2020, and start a new chapter in 2021, than to do a bit of ‘home sprucing’! To help you with your renovation plans, we have listed below the upcoming interior trends that are going to be everywhere this year! From new industrial to Grandmillennial, there is something for everyone and certainly lots of room to get creative!

Mixing vintage with modern (In bathrooms)

For decades, contemporary design has dominated the interior design movement, as we moved away from busy floral carpets and cluttered ornaments, and instead opted for more space and simple design. Although minimalist design still stands as top trend moving into 2021, vintage décor is creeping its way back in. As a result, an emerging trend this year is the fusion of vintage and contemporary design.

This trend can be adapted to suit personal preference, depending on whether you are after a more vintage, or a more modern finish. For instance, you could have a neutral-coloured space with contemporary furnishings, but then add an ornate mirror or a retro chair for a ‘pop’ of vintage. Alternatively, you could focus on the shaping being contemporary, but then choose bold, rich colours, and retro materials like velvet or corduroy.

Lighting is a really great way of making a statement and changing up the interior design. For example, you could add a large modern statement ceiling light into a predominately vintage space.

Grandmillennial (AKA Granny Chic)

A Grandmillennial is otherwise known as a ‘New Traditionalist’ and is defined as someone who has an appreciation for traditional interiors. As such, this trend has coined a secondary title of ‘Granny Chic’, which essentially means raiding your Granny’s home for unloved and forgotten about ornaments and home details, and incorporating them into a contemporary home … making them chic!

Grandmillennial certainly falls into the maximalist category which we have avoided for so many years. However, it seems this will be making a comeback. Think about mixing patterns, from floral wallpapers and rugs, to boldly coloured paintings, and delicate china ornaments.

It’s important to note this interior trend isn’t an exact copy of previous traditional style. It is, rather, aspects of old-school style with a 21st century twist. At the heart of this design trend is a juxtaposition of maximalist and minimalist, thinking ‘less is more’ as well as also thinking ‘more is more’… confusing, right!? Not to worry, this is not as confusing as you might think. To break it down for you, an example of how this would be achieved is … incorporating traditional patterned materials and textures, such as tassels, velvet or trim, but in monochromatic colour combinations for a modern edge. Choosing early colour tones such as, sand, browns, rust orange will create an organic and relaxed feel despite their being a lot of texture and pattern!

Natural elements / Earthy

This trend became hugely popular throughout 2020 and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! This trend is all about adding interest and character to a room using texture, rather than colour. To achieve an earthy and organic feel, layer up plenty of textures, such as linen, wicker, concrete, wood, but make sure they are all the same, or very similar, colours. Be wary that using less colour can make a home feel clinical and cold, so it is important to choose colours that are neutral but still warm and create depth. For a warm, earthy, and organic colour scheme you may want to choose colours that contain brown undertones. This can vary from taupe, beige, mocha to deep orange. As a result, you achieve a neutral and soft finish whilst still ensuring the space does not feel empty or cold.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock the whole of 2020 (in which case, we don’t blame you!) you will have seen pampas grass and dried flowers have been a huge home trend. Your Instagram feed may as well be one giant piece of pampas grass at this point- it is everywhere! Having said this, we aren’t complaining, simply tying dried flowers and pampas grass together and popping them in a vase or hanging them up is a great way to add some natural texture into your home whilst still in keeping with the neutral colour theme.

New industrial

Traditional industrial style décor is comprised of stripped back architecture, including the use of exposed woods, metals and bare bricks, as well as rough and unfinished surfaces. Industrial style materials are usually hard-wearing and robust in nature. This interior trend looks great in open-plan spaces, particularly with high-ceilings, creating an edgy feel.

With this trend, you must let the materials do the talking, and spare the knick-knacks. It is essentially fuss-free, and something we will be seeing a lot more of in 2021. As with all trends, the industrial style will develop and change over time. Moving into 2021, we will see a slightly different take on industrialism. Taking inspiration from brutalist architectural design, also known as the ‘ugliest design trend’ (trust me on this one!), new industrial will be characterised by jagged edges, apocalyptic shapes and forms, and an abundance of concrete!

The New Industrial trend focuses on shapes:- the more unusual the shaping, the better! To some this is considered ‘ugly’, but we think unusual forms are interesting, and add character to a home. It moves away from the simplistic, stripped back industrialism, and more towards a more futuristic, and creative interior design trend.