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If you are looking where to buy the best lamp shades then you've found the right place. It just so happens that we specialise in online shopping and have the best selection of lamp shades - from grey lamp shades, to pink shades, pastels, natural colours, darks, and more.


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  1. Civic Mustard Metal Pendant Shade
    Civic Metal Pendant Shade
    £11.99 Regular Price £22.00
  2. Reni XL Pendant Shade in Mustard
    Reni Extra Large Pendant Shade
    £15.99 Regular Price £36.00
  3. Mini Arco Mustard Metal Pendant Shade
    Mini Arco Pendant Shade
    £11.99 Regular Price £28.00
  4. Reni Small Pendant Shade in Mustard
    Reni Small Pendant Shade
    £11.99 Regular Price £22.00
  5. XL Aspen Tapered Shade in Mustard
    XL Aspen Tapered Shade
    £17.99 Regular Price £24.00
  6. Aspen Large Tapered Shade in Mustard
    Aspen Large Tapered Shade
    £15.99 Regular Price £22.00
  7. Aspen Small Tapered Shade in Mustard
    Aspen Small Tapered Shade
    £13.00 Regular Price £18.00

7 products

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