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If you are looking for designer lamp shades then you've found Iconic. It just so happens we specialise online and have beautiful, fashion forward, avant garde lamp shades - from grey lamp shades, to pink shades, pastels, natural colours, tinted and brushed, and more.

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  1. Amadeus Wire Pendant Shade
    Amadeus Wire Pendant Shade
  2. Rutherford Pendant Shade
    Rutherford Pendant Shade
  3. Trillian Diamond Shaped Pendant Shade
    Trillian Diamond Shaped Pendant Shade
    £5.00 Regular Price £16.00
  4. Reni XL Pendant Shade Grey and Copper
    Reni XL Pendant Shade in Grey and Copper
    Special Price £27.99 Regular Price £44.00

5 products

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