Lighting for the iconic dinner party


Dinner parties have been around for centuries. They are the perfect way to connect with your peers, with possibly the earliest one being the famous Last Supper, and we all know what happened there. Dinner parties are a global formal occasion, with a variety of themes and purposes, ranging from political talks to a catch up with the family next door. They can be anything from a cozy night in, to a lavish and elegant event. Thought to be the most expensive dinner party to date, the 2,500th Anniversary of the Peacock Throne was celebrated in Iran in 1971. Designed to honour the country’s roots, and the glory of the Persian Empire, the event was so extravagant that it required the construction of its own opera house. Fear not though, you do not need to start constructing your own magnificent arenas for the perfect dinner party; our lighting can bring that touch of class and grace you have been looking for.

That Hollywood Touch

The best way to make your dinner guests as comfortable as can be, and make it a night to remember, is to light them like movie stars. Nobody wants to get all dolled up to be washed out and aged by those awful overhead fluorescents. The key to making sure you and all your guests best ‘scrub up’ efforts are not in vain, is to ensure there is not much harsh lighting. It is all about creating that perfect relaxing atmosphere with some beautiful ambient lighting.

Ditch the overhead Lighting

Don’t literally go ditching and removing any overhead lighting, but if you are planning a room where you know there are going to be many dinner parties in the days to come, be mindful that overhead lighting’s main purpose is for task lighting, not ambient. Installing a dimmer switch can help change up the atmosphere with ease. You can still use soft overhead lighting to make a statement, and add some high-class glamour to your dining room. For example our beautiful Viscount 5 way chandelier features gorgeous K5 crystal decoration, and will make the perfect overhead centre piece, whether dimly lit or not turned on at all. It is also handy for the task lighting beforehand, to make sure your table placements are on point.

Bring it to the table

 The ideal way to bring some ambient lighting to your dinner party is to incorporate the lighting into your table layout. A pair of our Sheridan Steampunk Table lamps would work perfectly as part of your table centre piece. Reminiscent of those lovely old gas lanterns, but with a contemporary industrial twist, these paired with some of our vintage pair shaped amber tinted filament bulbs will create a graceful ambient overlay, whilst still ensuring your guests can see the lovely meal you have prepared. A more modern take on this would be our LeVouque art deco touch table lamps. The  clean chrome finish will make your guests feel like they are at a glitzy 1920’s dinner party, and the domed white shade defuses the light perfectly so your guests are the only ones dazzling anyone.