Lighting for the Iconic Games Night

Games Night

Whether it’s family game night, or you’ve got your friends round for an evening of friendly competition, game nights are the perfect way to reconnect with people and make some great memories, and of course you get to see who the sore losers are! The lighting will pay a key role in your play, after all, how can you expect to win if you can’t see what is going on and of course you need to keep an eye out for those underhand tactics!

Classic Games Night

Classic game nights bring to mind board games like Monopoly or Cluedo, where being able to see the board, and the plays the other participants are making, would be a huge advantage. In order to see the goings-on, overhead task lighting would be ideal, overhead lighting with a dimmer switch so you can bring the brightness down ever so slightly to create a relaxing atmosphere in case things get a little intense would be perfect. Our black Dalton 3-way ceiling light is the ideal addition to a retro or industrial interior, for a more contemporary interior our Mancunia K9 crystal ceiling fitting in a chrome finish is a glamorous statement piece. Both of these designs are truly impressive, and are sure to get the pre-game conversation flowing.

Virtual Gaming

In this day and age, getting those classic board games out may bring some lovely nostalgia, but you know eventually you are going to want to switch over to destroying everyone with blue shells in Mario Kart. The new advances with the way we game bring new challenges, you can’t just game away with the main ceiling light. Oh no! That will cause some serious screen glare, and the last thing anyone needs is something else for the losers to blame when they get last place! Utilising table lamps and floor lamps will help to create the perfect lighting level, without the light being bounced off the screen. Having some low-level light options will be a real people-pleaser should you decide to play something a little more tense, or even a horror game to really get immersed in the game. Some low-level lighting can be achieved with our beautiful Cruz glass globe with wooden stand table lamp. The eye-catching design makes this a beautiful option for an atmosphere-changing table lamp, and something to admire when you just know there’s a jump-scare coming, and could do with looking away from the screen! For lighting those dark corners that have you even more on edge, try our Willow light wood floor lamp. The rustic design will be a beautiful addition to any room, and provide a great ambient level of light. Paired with a choice of navy or baby pink shade to help prevent that screen glare, and you are good to go! Our George monkey wall light is a quirky alternative if you’re lacking floor or table space. This playful design features a monkey hanging from the wall with a bulb in the other hand, sure to make a statement, and add even more fun to your games night. George comes in a silver, matt black or gold finish to match your interior.