10 Modern-rustic Interiors to give your home Natural Appeal


Go back to nature

For soft furnishings natural fabrics such as wool and cotton will help create a relaxed feel in your living space. Modern-rustic schemes use subdued patterns against a plain base. Add texture with storage baskets and furniture, such as woven rattan stools.


Lay wide planks

If you’re after the modern-rustic look but your house lacks original wooden floors, get to grips with engineered options. You will need extra-wide boards for a laid back feel to your home.

Source originality

Furniture made from reclaimed wood works with a pared-back design aesthetic. Modern-rustic style celebrates craftsmanship, so hunt down unique, handmade pieces.


Bring the outdoors in

Make a feature from chopped wood for the fire by piling logs in an alcove with the sawn-off ends on display. A modern-rustic barn conversion is great for housing a natural theme, you can include wooden coffee tables and faux furs rug to soften a stone floor.



Embrace imperfections

Embrace beauty in aged wood by exposing bare floorboards. Try a Scandinavian-style soaped finish instead of varnish to protect your boards without changing their appearance.


Go back to basics

Make organic materials such as stone, porcelain, wood and metal the main materials within your design plans. Once you have these key elements in place, display one or two chosen accessories to create a fuss-free space or add a little more decoration if you prefer a busier scheme.


Meet the panel

A custom-built bathroom proves that timber can work in an area where water is present, you should ask your carpenter for recommendations on wood types and finishing treatments. Alternatively, paneling is a quick and easy way to infuse your space with the warmth and texture of wood. 


Show everyday wares

If you’re looking to add a hint of modern-rustic style, use raw wooden shelves in the kitchen to display your crockery and glassware. Hide items you use less inside drawers or cupboards to keep them from getting dusty.

Love linen

Layer linen sheets and pillows in soft, washed-out colours to create a calm sanctuary. Pair with an antique wooden table or chair for a modern-rustic bedside set-up.



Simplify the study

Get rid of distractions from busy décor by installing an all-white home office. Wooden trestles make the base for a stylish desk, with plants ensuring a healthy and inspiring study space.