Kitchen Pendant Lights

Kitchen pendant lights allow you to highlight a specific area in the room. Huckleberry to Chalice, we have the perfect statement fitting to be the envy of all of your friends. The ability to adjust the height gives you all the more flexibility so browse our lights for the quintessential pendant light you desire for the kitchen.

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  1. Sadira Star Pendant Shade Copper
    Sadira Star Pendant Shade
    £11.00 Regular Price £21.00
  2. Retro 3-Way Eyeball Ceiling Light Copper
  3. Casco Chrome Pendant with Yellow Arco Shade
  4. Denver Ceiling Fitting Chrome with Acrylic Droplets
    Denver Ceiling Fitting in Chrome with Acrylic Droplets
    Special Price £20.00 Regular Price £63.00
  5. Reyka 3 Way Cross Over Ceiling Light
    Reyka 3 Way Ceiling Light
  6. Chalice 8-Way Wine Glass Holder Chrome
  7. Huckleberry Chrome 3-Way Over Table Light
    Huckleberry Chrome 3-Way Over-Table Light
    Special Price £18.00 Regular Price £38.00
  8. Hudson 3 Way Crystal Pendant Ceiling Light

40 products

per page