Transform Your Space with Lighting


When it comes to lighting your home, getting the right balance between natural light, fitted lighting and lamps can be tricky. So it makes sense to carefully consider exactly what it is that you need and how to get it. Plan wisely and you can transform your space with lighting.

Feature Ceiling Fixtures

Investing in a large feature ceiling fixture helps to transform your space in two main ways. First it will draw the eye upwards and therefore open the space up, it tricks the eye into thinking that the space is actually bigger than it is. Not only that but the feature fixture will also bring a little drama to the party, as well as illumination.

Love Your Lampshades

Choosing lampshades that look good and suit your home is, of course, important, however it is also important to work out what kind of light you want from the lampshade. The weight and colour of the shade will directly impact the amount and tone of light that is emitted. If you want brightness, consider mesh shades or glass. Or dispense with shades altogether and go for exposed bulbs – Edison-style.

Relax with Incandescent Lighting  

For a cosy, inviting atmosphere, look to incandescent bulbs which give off a soft, warm glow and that enable you to relax after a long day. This type of soft yellow light doesn’t supress melatonin, as is the case with bright blue light and that is why companies like Apple have introduced a “Night Shift” mode on products like the iPhone – to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Let’s Talk Task Lighting

Often overlooked, task lighting has the primary purpose of providing light when you need it most – whilst working. Cooking an evening meal is far more enjoyable if your surfaces are well lit and working in your home office is far less of a chore with a good reading lamp. Plus, task lighting can also provide great ambiance – it’s win, win!

Mirror, Mirror…

Mirrors are magical and hanging one on a wall will help bounce both natural and artificial light around the room. And, as you’ll already know, the reflections from the mirror also serve to make the space look bigger – two birds with one mirror.

Lofty Floor Lamps

Floor lamps that exploit height are really effective in rooms where space is limited or that have tight, dark corners. With a tall floor lamp, you get plenty of light without the lamp taking up too much space and if you opt for an adjustable floor lamp, then it also becomes multifunctional – it can be used as a task light for reading for example.

Don’t Waste Wall Space

Wall mounted light fittings are another great space saver and so should be a firm consideration when planning your homes interior lighting design. Particularly useful in smaller rooms, such as bedrooms, where a pair of wall mounted lights can take up less surface space than bedside lamps.

Do it with Dimmers

For the ultimate in lighting control turn to dimmers that can change the mood of a room instantly. Whether they’re wall mounted dimmable switches or touch lamps with three settings, being able to dim your lights, or make them brighter makes for a truly comprehensive combination lighting set up.