Unique Bedside Lamps to Brighten up Your Bedroom


If you’re an avid reader your choice of bedside lamp is important, to make sure you get a high quality light source, and avoid eye strain during the evening. Lighting is important for setting the mood in a bedroom, a key factor to consider as well as taking into account the functionality of the lamp. We’ve put together some ideas to help refresh your bedside lighting, giving your bedroom a new look for the year ahead.

Interesting texture

Texture is a key factor, whether your room is based on classic elegance or modern neutral tones, adding texture can help give your room life. The finish of a lamp can add character and personality to your interior, creating a statement feature that will provide a touch of charm to both traditional and contemporary households.

Metal head

It’s best to go more minimal in a bedroom setting if you are big on style, adding luxurious colour and texture to contrast against the metallic finish of a lamp.

Metallics can make a real impact in a cosy bedroom, with a lamp complimenting the warm tones of the surrounding wallpaper and wall colour.

Our Camboir Table Lamp has the perfect domed metal head for adding an industrial edge to a cosy bedroom

Camboir Table Lamp

 Adjustable arms

Adjustable lamps are great for giving you complete control over your lighting, you can attach to the headboard or wall, making them even more accommodating for your personal requirements.


Why not invest in industrial-style wall sconces, giving your bedroom a stylish statement, whilst also providing practicality since they can swivel and rotate to wherever you need them.

Adjustable sconces don’t have to be focal points in your bedroom setting if you’d like to draw more attention to other features, they can simply provide subtle additional lighting.

Our Forton Table Lamp with its fully functioning adjustable joints and decorative lip is perfect for adding character to any bedroom.

 Forton Table Lamp 

 Story Telling

Having a theme can be a good direction for your bedroom to go, with your surroundings telling a story. For instance a coastal theme is a current popular trend, with the worn timber giving the room character, working well with a shabby chic lamp. It’s a great setting for starting to write a book from the comfort of your bed.


Creating Balance

If colour plays a prominent role in your bedroom, its important your bedside lamp plays a supporting role. Your lamp should blend in rather than make a statement, so all your elements work together to create a striking theme. 

Suspended pendants

Soft lighting can make a bedroom setting cosy and inviting, with suspended pendants helping to achieve this type of ambience. Suspended lights can diffuse the light, taking up minimal space on your bedside table. Before you invest in this style of lighting you should check you have a suitable connection for a dimmer switch so you can change the lighting to suit your mood.

Black works just as well as white against warm, natural tones. You can hang suspended pendants on either side of the bed for symmetry, or if you’re after impact try grouping pendants together in a cluster or two. Be sure to take into account the interior of the lamp, since you will likely see both the inside and out when lying in bed.

Position is key for a suspended pendant. If you’re in search of task lighting for reading or working before you go to sleep, you should position the pendant overhead rather than over your bedside table. A brightly coloured cable can also help add a sense of fun

 We love how our 4 Way Suspended Lamp Holder has been styled above this bed. 


Suspended Bedside Light


Modern touch

Lighting is an easy way to bring a certain style to life in your home. If you are after a modern look, you could invest in an iconic bedside lamp, pairing beautifully with your bedroom’s other elements. Here at Iconic we have our Arne Jacobsen range based upon the 1960 design that could help give your bedroom setting a bold modern twist.


 Mismatched Room

There are no rules when it comes to bedside lighting. An asymmetrical room is a great choice if you are after a more eclectic style.

Unmatched Bedside Lamps