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Why Iconic Lights

Why iconic lights

We cut out the middle man and
save you 30-60%

Free Returns

Free returns

Not happy with your order?
It's free and simple to return.

Free Delivery Over £50

Free Delivery

Get free delivery to mainland UK
on all orders £50 or more!



Exclusive lighting without the high street markup





What customers say about Iconic lights

Nice Light

Nice light. Customer service good. Bought a second light from here too.

Mike Ashworth - 10/02/19

Verified Buyer

Fantastic Service

Fantastic service and really speedy delivery. Really please with the lights. Can highly recommend

Kathryn Southouse - 10/02/19

Verified Buyer

Love My New Light

Fast delivery. Great price Love my new light fitting & it looks fab in our newly decorated bedroom!

Sophie Sullivan - 10/02/19

Verified Buyer

Fabulous Quality

Fabulous quality at a brilliant price, delivery spot on

Yvonne Spencer - 10/02/19

Verified Buyer

Absolutely Delighted

Purchased 3 lights absolutely delighted, excellent service

Colin Fergus - 09/02/19

Verified Buyer

Very Good Value! Very Good Quality!

Very good value! Very good quality, I’m so pleased with my purchase.

Gillian Smith - 07/02/19

Verified Buyer

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